Food safety

Safe food at IKEA stores

IKEA strives to ensure that food served in our restaurants and sold in our stores is safe, and has been grown and produced under conditions that are socially and environmentally responsible.

IKEA Food Quality and Environmental Requirements

IKEA purchases fresh and packaged food for IKEA restaurants and Swedish Food Markets both centrally and locally. The centrally purchased range, bought from about 100 suppliers, is the same at IKEA stores worldwide. The local range is selected in each country.
All IKEA food suppliers must comply with the IKEA code of conduct, IWAY. In addition, there is a special section with requirements for food product suppliers who work with IKEA.

UTZ Certified coffee

IKEA only uses coffee that has been certified by UTZ Certified, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that operates the world’s largest and fastest-growing certification programme for responsible coffee production. We want our co-workers and customers to know that the coffee they drink has been produced with respect to people and the environment.
IKEA customers can trace their coffee all the way to the plantation by entering the coffee variety and best-before-date of coffee purchased from Swedish Food Markets into a tracer tool.
UTZ Certified has a broad approach to sustainability, taking both people and the environment as well as good business practices into consideration.

Organic dishes on menu

IKEA restaurants serve organic dishes on a regular basis. The Swedish Food Market has a number of organic products on offer.