Meet some of the project farmers

Many thousands of farmers are on their way

IKEA and WWF started working with farmers in India and Pakistan in 2005. Since then, many thousands of farmers in the two countries have joined the movement. Some have already come a long way towards more sustainable cotton cultivation, others are just in the beginning of their journey

Just getting started

”I’ve started to improve the soil by adding organic content. Before I used to water every single furrow instead of every second, which I now know is enough. Next I plan to introduce drip irrigation one acre at a time, if only the return on my crop is good enough to pay for it, God willing!”
Swarupchand Maher, Maharashtra, India

Halving the use of water

”The best thing I did was to invest in drip irrigation. I have halved my water use and the yield has increased by 40 percent. If I hadn’t started with drip irrigation, my bore hole would have been dry by now. The water in the ground is everyone’s and I see it as my duty not to waste it.”
Dilip Patel, Gujarat, India

No more health problems

”My yield is 10 percent better than that of my neighbours since I started fertilising exclusively with manure and compost. I have more money because I don’t buy chemical fertilisers and pesticides. And our health has improved a lot since we replaced chemical pesticides with plant extracts.”
Tapu Kehar Rangapara, Gujarat, India

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When you grow,
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