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Bring new life to your home

Ready for a chance to let your mind run away with ideas? The 2013 IKEA Catalogue comes out this 30 AUGUST with 328 pages of products, tips and inspiration for a better everyday life at home. From modular sofas to LED lamps, there are tons of new products out of our full product range found online and in the IKEA store.

Inspired by history; designed for today

The past contains something the mind can’t resist. For the new IKEA PS 2012 collection, we asked our designers to find inspiration in more than 60 years of IKEA design history. Instead of simply looking back, we challenged them to bring the designs forward by updating and innovating forms, functions, materials and sustainability. And of course, we asked them to do it all with affordability in mind since we believe design – even design statements like IKEA PS – belong in real homes. A better everyday life at home for the many people is our mission for the past, present and future.

Longing for blue

We travelled to India to create a limited design collection directly on the factory floor. The collection is based on the sought-after colour blue. A colour we are familiar with from indigo-dyed textiles, batik, Chinese ceramics, Portuguese and Dutch tiles, workwear, denim and chemistry bottles from days gone by. “We have not seen the colour blue for a long time in an interior design context. It was last popular in the 1980s. But now we’re in the mood for blue again,” says Mats Nilsson, range strategist.

Create your own eclectic traditions

At IKEA this year, there’s visible influence from craftmanship and traditions of Asia, Africa and South America that are rooted in the handmade and the natural. The results are solitaires and accessories with strong attitudes and unexpected shapes. Rugs are designed and woven in traditional ways. Accents like plant pots, bowls, baskets and lamps use natural fibres like paper, bamboo and rattan. Ceramic, glass and black iron contrast the natural fibre accents. Earthy colours from beige, brown and burnt reddish-oranges easily mix in with other styles while breaking convention. This brings a warm feeling to a room that’s electic, folky and a little bit bold.

Take no textile for granted

Stop for a second and imagine a world without textiles. No plush towels after a shower. No cushion shields during scary movies. No childhood blanket forts. No sheets drying in the summer breeze. No pillows at the end of a long day.

Handpicked new products

Welcome to a fresh round of handpicked news from IKEA! The news this August are products that have a contemporary look and feel. In keeping with this year’s textile focus, there are the vibrant, folky fusions of LAPPLJUNG textile collection and the bold pattern of KAJSAMIA curtains. KLIPPAN sofa and SKRUVSTA swivel armchair also have new textile options in eye-catching designs by Cilla Ramnek. Plus, there’s lots of creativity in store with textiles like GURINE and TIDNY metre fabrics.

A change of colour

Seasonal colours

This season, IKEA has lots of accessories in shades of lilac, blue and green to add splashes of colour to everyday life. Candles, vases, pots, lamps, rugs, place mats, and more are made to coordinate and blend in with what you already have. They make it easy to change things up at home without commiting to the permanence of paint.

Cook, eat and save

When it comes to cooking, your kitchen can be functional and beautiful while saving water and energy. A more sustainable kitchen is a mindful one that tries to make the most of everything and not waste.

The Complete Bedroom

A normal sleep cycle is considered to be 7 ½ hours to 8 ¾ hours for anyone under 65 years of age. People with normal cycles fall asleep in less than 15 minutes, and generally stay asleep all night for the most part. The quality should be one of minimal movement and deep. Dreams are generally pleasant or mundane. For those with these normal cycles, life is probably satisfactory and a good diet is being followed.

Getting sufficient sleep is vital to physical, mental and emotional well being. Sleeping on the right mattress and pillow is important. Take a look of the useful tips to learn about the level of quality you can expect. From mattresses, quilts and pillows that help you to create an environment of perfect sleep.

Summer softness

Fresh textiles for sunny days
“I often design floral patterns for different things. For BARBRO textile collection I wanted to create a fresh, romantic feeling with small flowers that can be easily combined with both striped and checked patterns. When I painted the patterns for BARBRO I had a nostalgic feeling when I remembered my daughter’s dress when she was little. A free and easy romantic feeling that isn’t too serious, but instead is filled with bubbly summer laughter.” –Designer Helle Vilén

The 2011 IKEA Soft Toy Campaign

They’re cute, cuddly and work towards a good cause. They’re soft toys! Welcome to this year’s Soft Toy Campaign that invites customers to help fund education projects supported by UNICEF and Save the Children. Not only will you meet the soft toys, you’ll meet some children who benefit from the campaign, learn about this year’s supported projects and more. Already good huggers and listeners, soft toys are excellent teachers too, raising awareness about the importance of children’s education around the world.

new! 2012 IKEA Catalogue

Smart solutions make space for your dreams

This year IKEA puts more focus on smart solutions and ideas that maximise small spaces (with small price tags, too), so the many people can start living how they want, dreams included.

IKEA news

At IKEA, our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Adding to our wide range of products, IKEA has a line-up of new products for its customers, from a new theme of soft toys to a new seating series high in comfort and quality.

Our never-ending job

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. This includes a lot more than just a great home furnishing offer. It is also about taking social and environmental responsibility towards IKEA customers, co-workers and the people who produce our products.

IKEA Concept and history

IKEA Concept and history
Creating a better everyday life at home

People and the environment

People and the environment
Taking responsibility for people and the environment is a pre-requisite for doing good business.