( (  (IT Manager) Jacob started with us in March 1997 as a Computer Programmer.  He was promoted as the Data Base Administrator in August 2002. He kept on the endeavors and was promoted as the Assistant IT Manager during June 2006.  In June 2009 he was promoted as IT Manager.

Owing to the Group requirements, Jacob was also given the extra responsibility of MTI (Multitrend International) in March 2008 and he took over as the Group IT Manager.  On successful completion of the assignment at MTI in June 2009, he was returned to IKEA as IT Manager.

According to Jacob, “working with IKEA is always challenging and interesting owing to the fact that efforts are being recognized without which the above could not have been possible. IKEA always supports and approves new technologies.  This support was the main reason for my career growth. I am proud to be part of IKEA Family” 

Jacob Alexander, IKEA Kuwait