The IKEA Privacy Notice
IKEA Japan K.K. (hereinafter called “IKEA”) shall properly use the precious information of you, our customers (hereinafter called “Personal Information”) in order to realise IKEA’s vision, “providing larger number of people with more comfortable days.” Also, IKEA shall reflect the collected Personal Information as the valuable assets of IKEA on creating products, in order to realise a high-quality, low-priced line of home furnishings that IKEA is aiming at.

I. Handling of the Personal Information of our Customers

1. Purposes of Obtaining Personal Information

The purposes that IKEA shall collect Personal Information are as follows, or in a word, for providing you, our customers, with comfortable, efficient services of IKEA for your own use.
・ In case of confirming your identity in your purchasing/reserving/returning/exchanging a product;
・ In case of registering you, our customers, to various membership services of IKEA;
・ In case of notifying the delivery of a product, and billing/distributing/installing products/conducting after-sale services;
・ In case of preparing a warranty card about a product;
・ In case of replying to your requests/questions to the Customer Services Center or the Contact Center of IKEA;
・ In case of carrying out a survey, and supplying a guidance on products by way of catalogue/materials;
・ In case of notifying you of a sale/contest/prize/various events, or your participating in them;
・ In case of confirming your identity in your applying for an interior advice;
・ In case of confirming your identity in receiving your application at the place for temporary custody of children;
・ In case of supplying any appurtenant services of IKEA in relation to the abovementioned;
・ In case of preparing statistical materials concerning the purchase of products, etc.

2. Means of Obtaining Personal Information

Major means of obtaining Personal Information by IKEA are as follows:
・ In case of receiving Personal Information orally or in writing in the purchase/return/exchange/distribution/after-sale services of products;
・ In case of your inputting Personal Information to the web site of IKEA by way of internet;
・ In case of receiving Personal Information as necessary when you inquire by telephone.

3. Use/Control of Personal Information

(1) IKEA shall collect the Personal Information of our customers, and use it in accordance with the related laws and ordinances within the required scope in line with the above purposes, in order to supply maximum services to our customers.
(2) IKEA shall assign a manager in charge of Personal Information of our customers, and properly control it internally in accordance with the related laws and ordinances. Also, IKEA has addressed appropriate security control measures against any foreseeable hazards concerning the protection of Personal Information;
(3) In consigning the distribution of the products and the other tasks, we shall verify the comprehensive security of the consignees by confirming that the necessary measures have been taken for supervising the employees concerning information control at the consignees.

4. Supply to Third Parties

IKEA shall not supply Personal Information of our customers to any third parties, except for the following cases:
・ In case of having obtained an agreement of our customers;
・ In case required on the basis of the laws and ordinances;
・ In case necessitated for the protection of the life/body of a person or the assets, and if it is difficult to obtain an agreement of our customer;
・ In case necessitated to cooperate in the performance of the tasks stipulated by the laws and ordinances by the public organization or any person consigned by such an organization, and if there is a fear that obtaining an agreement of our customer in question could hinder the performance of the said task;
・ In case of consigning the task to a third party, with which a confidentiality agreement has been concluded.

5. Inquiry on Personal Information

IKEA has established the “Office for Consultation on Personal Information of our Customers,” which is ready to respond promptly in accordance with provisions stipulated by IKEA, in case you, our customers, get in touch with the following contact for the disclosure, correction, stoppage of use, and erasure, etc. of Personal Information by using one of the following options:
Name of company: IKEA Japan K.K.
Office in charge: In charge of Personal Information
Address: 2-3-30 Hamacho, Funabasi-shi, Chiba 273-0012
E-mail address:
Web Site:

6. Personal Information of the Customers Less Than 16 Years

For the Personal Information of our customers less than 16 years old, an agreement by its guardian shall be obtained without fail.

II. Handling of Personal Information at Web Site

Cookies at Web Site
Cookies shall mean small files for storing the information supplied by our customers. Under normal circumstances, Personal Information and the information on the computer systems of our customers shall not be stolen through the cookies.
Also, you, our customers may restrict the use of the cookies by yourselves. However, in such a case, you shall agree that part of services my not be available to you.

(English translation. Original Japanese.)

DATED: 2006-02-23