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As you will have noticed, those who work at IKEA are referred to as “co-workers” and not “employees”. This may seem a little odd to begin with, but as most people quickly come to understand, our terminology is symbolic of a special mindset - one which says we all have a contribution to make to the success of the company, and that every single role is important in its own way.

There are many jobs to be done, and our organisation has a knack of bringing out the best in people. Or… to put it more precisely, providing an arena in which people can discover and reveal the best in themselves.
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You will see that this section is divided into National and International jobs. The National jobs section contains details about vacant positions on your local geographic market, whereas the International section advertises positions which concern the wider IKEA organisation and may involve moving abroad.
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National jJobs

If you’re considering a change of direction, or simply seeking a new position within your field of expertise, then this is the place to look. Here you can find information about all the vacant positions in your geographical area.

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International jobs

If you're considering a new career abroad with IKEA, then a whole new professional and cultural experience awaits you, perhaps in a place you've always wondered about but never had the chance to visit.

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