”Let your home tell its own tale”

Mia and Mikael celebrate the richness of life with their story-filled apartment. ”I think knowing your heritage is so important,” Mia says.

Meet Mia and Mikael

”When Mikael and I decided to buy an apartment together in Stockholm, we both knew we wanted somewhere old, with charm and a story of its own. I think everything becomes more interesting as it ages. Even people.”

Our style

”This apartment is perfect. It’s a good size, we have a spare room and the location is ideal. We’re surrounded by nature, but we’re also in the city so we can go to concerts and eat out.”

”I like to decorate my house with surprises. I think interiors should be fun, and that you should surround yourself with things that make you smile.”

Our home room by room

Be inspired by your past

”Mikael fell in love with the sofa at a secondhand market. When his mother visited, she said, “Your grandmother had the exact same sofa.” He must have remembered it from his childhood. The circus print reminds me of mine, when I used to ride to school on a unicycle.”

Move furniture around to suit your needs

”I have been very good friends with this HEMNES cupboard since before I met Mikael. I love it because it blends seamlessly wherever I put it, and it’s great for storage. Now it fits perfectly in our dining room.”

Create a sociable place to prepare food together

”Where we lived before, the kitchen was so small only one person could cook at a time. Now one of our greatest pleasures is cooking side by side. It’s great having guests here because the place feels big and open and we can talk while we cook.”

Get crafty!

”My maternal grandmother did traditional birch bark crafts, and was the inspiration for the lights that hang down the side of the cupboard in my bedroom.”

Surround yourself with happy memories

”The rug in the study is from my grandmother (on my father’s side). I remember sleeping on it on her sofa. When I woke up one morning, I told her that I loved it. And she must have remembered it, because when she died we found she had written my name on it.”

Our tips and ideas

Make the most of your view

”I created a place where I can enjoy a coffee and the view by putting a slim occasional table in front of the window. I like to dress my windowsill with a mixture of artificial and real flowers so there’s always something nice to look at, even on grey days.”

Create a memory wall

”I made a wall of our relatives in the kitchen. They’re all mixed up – his grandfather next to my grandmother, and so on. I like the stories that come with them. This man was spoiled by his daughter, that one was the gardener...”

Display the things that you love and inspire you

”I get lots of ideas from blogs and books, and like to display my favourite things on shelves to get our guests talking. The car number plate is from our old car, which we bought in Germany.”

Add humour

”I painted our HEMNES wardrobe with blackboard paint, which makes it fun – we can write notes to each other! And we added small leather handles to the bedside cabinets – they’re just pieces cut from a leather belt.”

Find new ways to display textiles

”These rugs were made by Mikael’s grandmother. They’re like pieces of art, so we’ve hung them on the wall behind a double-framed picture of my father. His portrait was hidden behind the door before, which he objected to!”