Get creative with summer textiles!

Textiles can transform your home no matter how small your space! live stylist Sam Grigg shows how you can have fun in the sun with some bright textiles and easy-to-do ideas.

Six tips for customising with textiles

”Bold colours make people smile and bring a sense of fun to any space. And textiles are a quick, easy and purse-friendly way to revamp and update an interior. Live stylist Sam Grigg stepped in to help transform the drab interior of an orange camper van into something bold, bright and fun. Why not give these six ideas a try in your favourite space?”

1. Customise your cushion covers

”I made seat covers by cutting big squares of fabric and sewing them back together with the stripes running in different directions. They are easy to remove and washable, so they protect the original seat covers. Give simple cushion covers some personality by embellishing them with pom poms and ribbons or a bit of embroidery.”

2. Create outdoor seating

”I made some comfy seating by covering lots of thin mattresses in different fabrics and then stacking them. They are great for lounging outdoors, but would also work in a kid’s room as a cool sofa that turns into spare beds. I gave the top mattress a quilted effect by adding big buttons.”

3. Hang new curtains

”Replacing your curtains is a small change that can make a huge difference. I double-sided these curtains so the stripy pattern is visible inside and outside of the van.”

4. Make a wash bag

”A hanging wash bag is the perfect way to store toiletries on the go. Just cut out a large rectangle, then cut out smaller rectangles in contrasting fabric for the pockets. Sew them in place and attach the whole thing to a hanger. Embellish and trim with ribbon as you like.”

5. Decorate with bunting

”Nothing says good times like brightly coloured bunting. And it’s so simple to make. I cut pairs of triangles from waxed fabric – so it doesn’t matter if they get wet – in different colours and patterns. To make the bunting doublesided, I stuck each pair of triangles together with fabric-friendly glue, and then sewed them to a length of ribbon.”

6. Spread the word

”Once you have mastered basic bunting, try cutting out letters and sewing or pegging them to a ribbon or washing line. Use the lettering inside or outdoors to add a festive touch to special occasions, or to add some cheer to an ordinary day.”