For every ¥50,000, receive
IKEA®gift card now!
We give away ¥10,000 IKEA gift card to IKEA BUSINESS members for every ¥50,000 purchase at IKEA store from 1st to 30th June, 2012.
(Up to ¥200,000 gift card)
Valid items
All items at IKEA store
(Except for IKEA restaurant, cafe, Swedish food market, bistro, online purchase or charged services such as delivery and assembly.)
Valid for
Make a purchase:
Fri., 1st June to Sat., 30th June, 2012
Receive your gift card and redeem it:
Fri., 1st June to Fri., 31st August, 2012
  • For IKEA BUSINESS members (corporation and business owners)
  • More than ¥50,000 purchase (tax included)
  • For business use
  • Attention
  • Maximum value of the gift card is ¥200,000
    (purchase of ¥1,000,000) during this period.
  • You can only add the amount of purchase from the same IKEA store.
  • If you pay with IKEA giftcard, the amount is not to be added for the campaign.
  • When you return the purchased item, bring the giftcard you received for this campaign.
  • Sendai mini shop is excluded for this campaign.
    (You can't use the giftcard you received for this campaign at Sendai mini shop either.)
  • How to receive IKEA gift card
    Present the documents 1. - 3. below at "Campaign counter" on the 1st floor during the period to receive the gift card.
    1. Receipts of your purchase during the campaign period.
    2. IKEA BUSINESS card (the blue card) or a temporary card (print out of the email you received when you finished registering is also accepted).
    3. The documents listed below, or IKEA BUSINESS account card (the white card).
    • If you are a business owner (including a freelance), you need two documents:
      ・ID (health insurance card, driver's license or passport)
      ・Documents to prove your business (Business registration, tax payment certification such as blue return, certified copy of commercial registration or business outline).
    • If you are NOT a business owner (company employee), bring:
      Health insurance card or company ID
      (It has to show the company address and your personal identification. A business card is NOT acceptable.)

    *IKEA Sendai mini shop is not having this campaign.