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We have a wide range of customer services, e.g. delivery service, assembly service.

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You can see catalogue, handbooks, brochures on the web. All in Japanese, but inspirational pictures help you design your rooms.

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Assembling IKEA products
Please read carefully these precautions before assembling your IKEA product.
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Return unused items within 90 days for a full refund.
Return policy
Answers to all the most frequently asked questions.
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No Online Shopping available.

We don't sell our products online in Japan. We only sell at IKEA stores.
We would love to help you to get the idea how to design the rooms by providing various kinds of roomsets at IKEA stores (Funabashi, Kohoku, Tachikawa, Kobe, Tsuruhama, Shinmisato, Shingu, Sendai).
See your local IKEA store page