Pick-up service

Pick-up service

We can pick up the products for you at ¥2,990.

You need to ask for home delivery service to use this service. There is no limits on quantity or weight.

How to


1. Tell IKEA staff you will use pick-up service.
   We will make an order slip for the products and the service.

2. Pay for the products and the services (pick-up, home delivery and assembly) on the order slip at the check-out.

3. Go to the delivery counter and set the date and time to deliver.



● Pay the check 30 minutes prior to the store closing time.

● The products need to be in stock when you order it.

● No cancellation accepted after the order.

● There might be a situation that the product would be out of stock after we accept your order. In that case we may not be able to deliver it on the appointed date.

● The earlist date of delivery is 3 days after the order.