If your purchases are too big for your car or you come to the store with no car, our home delivery service is right for you. The service is proviced by SG Moving K.K.

The minimum delivery fee is ¥990. Please check the fee on Home delivery searching site. (Japanese only)

Home delivery searching site

home delivery service

You can make a shopping list (Japanese) easily from products' pages. When you finish adding all of your items, click "Shopping list" to open your list. Then click "Convert to PDF to print or save" button and it generates a PDF file of your shopping list. At the bottom of the list, by the total price, it show the weight. (The actual weight varies depending on the factory which produces products.)

More information about home delivery service


How to ask for delivery


Finish your payment at the checkout and proceed to the delivery counter with your purchases on the 1st floor.

Your purchases will be delivered to the room you appoint.

Delivery fee


The delivery fee is determined by its weight and the distance.

If you want to have small items delivered together, pack them in the box used for “tebura de box” by the delivery counter by yourself. (One box per a delivery order of 20kg or more.) We take no responsibility if the items in the box are damged during delivery.

No cancellation after we accept your items.

Delivery area


The delivery service areas for each IKEA storesa are the yellow areas on the map below.

If you want to deliver outside the service area, please check "Delivering outside the service area."
If you want to deliver items over 400kg, please see our IKEA staff.

Stores in East Japan

  IKEA Funabashi   IKEA Kohoku   IKEA Shinmisato

Stores in West Japan
  IKEA Kobe   IKEA Tsuruhama   IKEA Fukuoka Shingu

*Click to see the details.(PDF, 660KB)

*Some delivery areas in Osaka pref. Kyoto pref. Hyogo pref. and Nara pref. are not included in delivery area of IKEA Kobe or IKEA Tsuruhama. Please see IKEA staff for details.

Delivery date and time


You can set the date and time of delivery to 3 days after we accept your items. It can be no later than 30 days.
When delivery weight exceeds 200kg, delivery date can be no later than 20 days.

Delivery time zones are:
First delivery time zone: 9:00-14:00
Second delivery time zone: 13:00-18:00
Third delivery time zone: 18:00-21:00

● Third delivery time zone is available only on weekdays.

● You may not be able to appoint the delivery date and time during busy seasons.

● We put our best effort to deliver your item on the appointed time, but it may be delayed due to the traffic and other causes.

● You can set the date and time to 4 days after if you send from IKEA Kobe to the delivery area in Kyoto pref.

● You can't set the date and time if you send from IKEA Kohoku to Yamanashi pref. or IKEA Shinmisato to Gunma pref.

Huge items


There might be a case your items can't be delivered due to the size of the space in the elevator or the stairs. Please make sure your purchasing items will fit within the size so that it can be carried into your rooms.

In case we can't deliver by the ordinary way, you can consider the optional services to deliver on a different day. Lifting up one item (up to the 2nd floor) ¥10,500 or more, using special vehicle (up to the third floor) ¥21,000 or more, carrying up the stairs (from 6th floor to 10th floor) ¥10,500 or more.

If we can't deliver in any case, we will take back your item. You get the refund of your item but not the delivery fee.

We don't deliver…

Home delivery service is not available for fragile items (e.g. mirrors, table ware, pots, vases), plants and food.

Returning items

Items delivered by home delivery service is also returnable based on IKEA's return policy.

If delivered items are damaged

Contact the store you purchased. We'll give you information on how to return.

If you want to return your items


Contact the store you purchased first.

In this case, the delivery fee will not be returned.

You need to return your items on your own. If the item is too big to bring back to the store, we will take it back for you at the same charge.

You will get the refund after the item is returned to the store. Please come to the store 10 days after you have it delivered back to the store. If you have payed to deliver it to the store, you will get the full refund. If you have asked us to deliver it back, we will pay you back the difference.

About privacy policy


Your personal information is handled carefully and properly based on our privacy policy.

Your personal information obtained by home service will be used only for this service.

Please check our privacy policy.

Delivery out side the service area


We will deliver anywhere in Japan (except for remote islands). Ask a staff at the delivery counter for more information.

You can't set the date and time to deliver outside the service area. The delivery company will contact you about the delivery date within 7 days.

You can't set the time of delivery.

For inquiries after ordering delivery


Delivery service is provided by SG Moving K.K. , IKEA Japan's partner company. For inquiries after ordering delivery, contact SG Moving K.K. listed below.

  • If you order delivery at IKEA Funabashi : TEL 047-410-2661
  • If you order delivery at IKEA Kohoku : TEL 042-788-2922
  • If you order delivery at IKEA Shinmisato : TEL 048-994-3680
  • If you order delivery at IKEA Kobe : TEL 078-436-1644
  • If you order delivery at IKEA Tsuruhama : TEL 06-6569-2186
  • If you order delivery at IKEA Fukuoka Shingu : TEL 092-686-7101