Bathroom Installation Service

Bathroom Installation Service


Bathroom installation service

You can't do it by yourself?
It is too hard to assemble and handle plumbing and electricity?
IKEA's official bathroom installation partners will be there for you.

The below partners are the experts with a lot of experience in installing IKEA bathroom furniture. They will remove your old bathroom and install new bathroom furniture to get ready for you to use. They handle not only plumbing and electricity, but take care of remodeling the bathroom

IKEA's official bathroom installation partners.
IKEA Funabashi・IKEA Shin Misato・IKEA Sendai/ Kamei Corporation 
IKEA Kohoku・IKEATachikawa・IKEA Kobe・IKEA Tsuruhama・IKEA Fukuoka Shingu/ MANIX Relabo Co., Ltd.

Bathroom Installation Fee

 Countertop ALDERN Countertop 62x494,000
 ALDERN Countertop 82x49
 ALDERN Countertop 102x49
 Countertop wash-basin TÖRNVIKEN Countertop wash-basin 45cm

 Base GO wash-stand with 2 drawers 60/80/100 1Tap16,000
 GO wash-stand with 2 drawers 100 2 Tap25,000
 Wall GO wall cabinet with 1 door 40/with 2 door 606,000
 GO wall cabinet with 2 door mirror 60/80/10010,000
 High GO high cabinet 40x30x1928,000
 Lighting GODMORGON bathroom lighting2,000

 Base SILVERÅN wash-basin cabinet12,000
 Wall and mirror SILVERÅN mirror with shelf5,000
 SILVERÅN mirror cabinet 1 dr 40/606,000
 High SILVERÅN High cabinet 2 dr 406,000
 SILVERÅN corner unit 407,000

 Mirror cabinet  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 40x21x6412,000
  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 60x14x64
  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 60x21x96
  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 80x14x64
  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 80x21x96
  STORJORM Mirror cabinet 2 door/built-in lighting 100x14x96
 Mirror  STORJORM Mirror with integrated lighting 47cm4,600
  STORJORM Mirror with integrated lighting 80x604,000

 Towel holder SPRUTT Towel holder 190cm1,000

 High cabinet TYNGEN high cabinet 30x177 (1dr)5,000
 Laundry cabinet TYNGEN Laundry cabinet 30x177 (1dr)

 Base HEMNES wash-stand with 2 drawers 60/80/10016,000
 HEMNES wash-stand with 2 drawers 2 tap 10025,000
 Wall HEMNES mirror cabinet 63/838,000
 HEMNES mirror cabinet 10310,000
 High HEMNES High cabinet 49x31x2007,000

 Base LILLÅNGEN wash-basin base cabinet 1 door 40/6010,000
 LILLÅNGEN wash-basin base cabinet 1 door 2 end unit 6015,000
 Wall LILLÅNGEN wall cabinet5,000
 High LILLÅNGEN high cabinet5,000

LILLÅNGEN/FULLEN Lowest price combination
 LILLÅNGEN/FULLEN Lowest price combination9,900

 Mirror LILLJORM Mirror with integrated lighting 55cm2,000

On-site bathroom measuring service


On-site kitchen measuring service

The accurate measurement is very important for your ideal bathroom. You need to make sure how your bathroom to be done at the early stage of the installation.

We highly recommend to ask for the on-site measurement service by IKEA's official bathroom installtion service partners. The experts will take measurements, check the current plumbing and electricity, the wall condition to install cabinets and make sure that products will fit in your bathroom.

Zone1 ¥4,000 Zone2 ¥5,000 Zone3 ¥6,000

Please check the delivery service for installation area.
> Delivery Service

Bathroom Installation Service & Bathroom Measurement Service how to apply


Ask a staff at kitchen area in IKEA store for details of bathroom installation and measurement, quotation and application.
If delivery service is not necessary, you can contact directly. Please see below.

■ For out of delivery area, additional travel fee will be charged.

IKEA Funabashi・IKEA Shin Misato・IKEA Sendai
/Service Provider: Kamei Corporation

TEL:050-2018-7574 (9:00~20:00)

IKEA Kohoku・IKEA Tachikawa・IKEA Kobe・IKEA Tsuruhama・IKEA Fukuoka Shingu
/Service Provider: MANIX Relabo Co., Ltd.

IKEA Kohoku・IKEA Tachikawa
TEL:042-548-1250 (9:00~18:00)

IKEA Kobe・IKEA Tsuruhama
TEL:078-596-6822 (9:00~18:00)

IKEA Fukuoka Shingu
TEL:092-753-9918 (9:00~18:00)