Assembly service

If you want help assembling your furniture, we are glad to do it.

Ask for it at the delivery counter when you order a delivery service.

Assembly fee


It is Basic construction fee¥5,000 +20% of product price.(If you purchase at the discount price such as set offer or IKEA FAMILY offer, we charge 20% of the original price.)

Extra works such as fixing furniture on the wall will be charged separetely.



IKEA Assembly service・East Japan contact center

TEL : 050-5824-5093(9:30-18:00)
FAX : 047-432-9477
email :

IKEA Assembly service・West Japan contact center

TEL : 050-3774-3100(9:30-18:00)
FAX : 06-6420-9902
email :

IKEA Assembly service・Kyusyu Japan contact center

TEL : 092-523-8826(9:30-18:00)
FAX : 092-523-8857
email :



● Assembling work costs an additional business trip rate for following areas.
IKEA Funabashi, IKEA Kohoku, IKEA Shin Misato: Areas excluding following prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi
IKEA Tsuruhama, IKEA Kobe: Out of delivery areas
IKEA Fukuoka Shingu: Out of delivery areas
Following cities are out of delivery area, however assembling work does not cost additional business trip. Order will be accepted by above mentioned “IKEA Assembly service・Kyushu contact center” , not in IKEA store.
Fukuoka Prefecture: Kanda, Yukuhashi, Kawara, Kawasaki, Ukiha, Yame, Miyama, Yanagawa, Omuta
Saga Prefecture: Saga, Ogi, Taku, Kohoku, Omachi, Takeo

● Save enough room for assembling.

● Extra work is charged separetely. Please pay on site.

● We refund the total amount about the cancellation until 18:00 two days before from a decided assembly day.

● We cannot accept cancellation of the assebling day and the day before.

● Your requested delivery date/time may not be fulfilled due to the delivery condition.

● We do not accept same day of delivery and assembly. Provision of assembly service becomes after the day following the date of delivery.

● IKEA's official contractor will assemble your furniture.