We have started
East Japan
Kodomo Project
for the most important people in the world.
IKEA saves ¥100
for every purchase
you make on items
at IKEA stores for this project.
The period:
Sat, 10th March - Sun, 6th May, 2012
"We want the children to move forward to the future with big courage and energy."
IKEA Japan has started to support the children in east Japan with such hope. We saves ¥100 for every purchase you make on items at IKEA stores for the project during the period.
I sincerely think about the people who have been suffering by the Tohoku earthquake.
IKEA Japan has been supporting the recovery activities from the disaster with the best we can, and we have started this "East Japan Kodomo (children) project" because we believe we can do more to support the children for their bright future. We are going to inform you about the latest activities on IKEA website.

IKEA Japan
Mikael Palmquist, President CEO

As of 29th, April, the sum of donation is

Thank you very much for your support.
We will announce how we use the fund on this page and at the IKEA stores.

100 million

benefit from

Taking action

Children and solar power lamp
Making a difference in the lives of 100 million children.

Why children?

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School, not work,
for children

School, not work, for children
Children learn from
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