Some of us wear a yellow shirt. Some of us don’t.

To most of our customers, “working at IKEA” means working at an IKEA store. But it takes hundreds of other roles to create low-priced, well-designed products that improve your life at home.


Communication and interior design

As a home furnishing company, IKEA needs interior design competence in different areas, including every IKEA store, and in marketing and communication areas such as catalogue production.

Customer Relations

Customer relations at IKEA includes roles inside and outside our stores – from reception and children’s play areas to check out, exchange and returns and contact centres.


Business navigation

Business navigators help make strategic business decisions using their entrepreneurial skills and management information.



Finance co-workers look after IKEA financial requirements and follow-up.


Human Resources

Our human resources teams work throughout the IKEA organisation and lead the work of attracting, developing and inspiring IKEA co-workers. They handle recruitment and training, benefits and succession planning, and safeguarding the IKEA culture.


Information technology (IT)

IKEA IT is a global organisation that supports IKEA with business solutions and services. IT supplies quick, lean and user-friendly services rather than just technology.



IKEA logistics see to it that goods flow from supplier to customer is as direct and costeffective as possible, and with the least harm to the environment. This applies to both transport and goods handling in distribution centres and stores.



Marketing specialists work in all countries with IKEA stores, and at IKEA Communications in Älmhult, Sweden. Our marketing channels include the IKEA Catalogue, IKEA websites, brochures, advertising and PR.



Our sales co-workers communicate the IKEA range and self-serve concept with our customers on a daily basis. This requires a passion for retail combined with knowledge of IKEA customers, the IKEA concept and the IKEA product range.


IKEA Food Services

IKEA FOOD offers many challenging positions within four areas – the restaurant, the Bistro, the Swedish Food Market specialty shop and the staff restaurant.

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