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IKEA PS 2014
On the move
This April we are proud to present the IKEA PS 2014 collection. The range, created by 14 young designers from around the world, is for people and homes on the move, always ready for new situations and needs. It’s for young-in-mind urban people living “in the moment”, often with limited space and the need to easily pack up and go. IKEA PS 2014 brings flexibility and an unconventional way of living to everyone, by combining form, function, quality and sustainability.
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Let’s start an everyday movement
April sees the introduction of an exciting new play series from Children’s IKEA. Featuring equipment to juggle, balance, swing, or even do somersaults, the new play series draws influence from the skills and flair of the contemporary circus to inspire children to play, move and be more active while at home.
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Playfully innovative
Playful design meets innovative construction with new BUSUNGE children’s bedroom furniture, custom designed to keep up with growing kids.
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Playful days and cosy nights
With happy motifs of fun sunny days and collections of toys, new LEKANDE children’s textile series brings a little extra cosy playfulness to the bedroom.
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Organisation done your way
Custom-make PAX wardrobe into your perfect display and storage station with the new KOMPLEMENT series.
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Made to fit you
Big wide frames or small drawers galore? New NORDLI chest of drawers can be built and combined in a way that fits you.
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Traditional space savers
Give even the smallest bathroom space a touch of the traditional with the wide range of new SILVERÅN bathroom furniture.
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Curvy bathroom brighteners
Give your home a bright pick me up with the curvy shapes of GUNNERN mirrored cabinets and pedestal stands.
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Stars and stripes: Swedish style
Find your bathrooms cosy side with the traditional patterns of INGEBORG & KVARNÅN textiles.
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