How to shop at IKEA

We want your next trip to IKEA to be as pleasant as possible

How to shop at IKEA

WE want your next trip to IKEA to be as pleasant as possible. So, here are some tips on how to shop the easy way at our IKEA stores! IKEA stores have free parking and provide easy access for the disabled. Everything you need to shop is available at the entrance: pencils, paper, tape measures, store guides, catalogues, shopping strollers and shopping bags.
Bring the kids!

Bring the kids!

The IKEA store is family-friendly. Your kids can test all the toys in the children's department or have fun in the free supervised playroom while you shop. (Ask in store about specific requirements.)
Everything you need

Everything you need!

Besides copies of the latest catalogue for you to browse through, the store provides tape measures, pencils and notepads for you to write down price tag details and where to pick up your item. Grab a big yellow bag for those smaller items you like.
Try out everything!

Relax, there's no hurry

The store has lots of fully furnished roomsets. You can try out everything, sit on the chairs, lie on the beds and let you imagination create your new home. IKEA sales people won't bother you. Need help? Just ask.
Price tag information

Price tag information

You'll find lots of details on the price tag - colours, materials, sizes, etc. You'll find the exact aisle number and location where you can collect the item from, the Self-Serve area or a message to contact staff if you need to collect it at Furniture Pick-up.
IKEA information desks

Contact staff here

You'll find IKEA staff at information desks with this symbol. They will arrange for you to collect your item at Furniture Pick-up if you need to.
The IKEA restaurant

Time for a bite to eat

Our restaurant isn't just for delicious complete meals - stop in for a quick sandwich, a piece of cake or a cup of coffee. Look for the special kids' menu, too!
Pick up your purchases

Pick up your purchases

Check the notes you made of the shelf numbers to find your items in the Self-Serve area. There are plenty of carts and bags to help you get it all to the checkouts. Selected items need to be picked up in Furniture Pick-up after your purchase is completed.
How to pay

How to pay

Our cashiers accept cash, Visa, Maestro, MaterCard, Laser and IKEA gift cards.
Enjoy your purchases today

Take it home today

Since most IKEA furniture is flat-packed, you can take them home today in your car and enjoy them right away. If you'd prefer, IKEA can arrange home delivery at a reasonable rate - contact your local IKEA store for details.
It is OK to change your mind

If you change your mind

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 90 days.