Picnic ideas

SUMMER PICNIC Plan your day

It’s time for muddied knees, ants in the leftovers and Dad forgetting to pack the frisbee. Picnics aren’t always perfect, but we’ve got some great ideas for how you can make yours memorable and fun. Our sustainability specialist, Mark Finnegan, suggests where to picnic. And you can start planning your day out with recipes and products for enjoying nature in comfort.

We can help you to plan your picnic in a few easy steps:
  • Pick up your picnic essentials including cool bags, napkins and foldable chairs
  • Prepare your food using some of our delicious food and drink recipes below
  • Finally, pack up your picnic basket and away you go!

Get picnic ready

What better way to take advantage of a sunny day than with a picnic? Whether you're off to the beach or keeping the kids occupied in the back garden, we have a great range of picnic essentials, from plastic plates to water resistant rugs.

Dining and relaxing ideas

Eating and drinking ideas

Plan your picnic treats

Picnic food doesn't have to be boring, we can help you to create a delicious hamper of Swedish goodies, including snack, sweets and refreshing drinks.

The quick and easy ideas below are great for adults and kids alike. You can buy the ingredients for the following recipes and much more from the Swedish Food Market, located at the exit of your local store.

Sparkling elderflower drink

Elderflower drink

Ice clinking, tonic fizzing, lime zinging. Feeling refreshed yet? You will when this super summery drink hits your tongue. With only a few ingredients, it’s an easy one to put together in the outdoors.

Open sandwich with marinated salmon

Salmon sandwich

Sandwiches and picnics go together like, well, sandwiches and picnics. We love the Swedish twist of marinated salmon and a dash of dill. Just add sunshine for the perfect al fresco meal.

Swedish caviar wrap

Something smells fishy – in a good way! You’ll have lunch in the woods all wrapped up with these super-simple caviar sandwiches. SILLROM herring roe offers fantastic flavour at a great price.

Cinnamon Buns

Clumps of sugar sticking to your cheeks as you bite into soft buttery dough. Sweet tooth got its tingle on? Cinnamon buns are a classic Swedish treat and the perfect end to your woodland picnic.