Garden Buyer's Guide

Most of our year is spent dreaming of those sunny summer months enjoying sizzling BBQs and a little alfresco dining. Whether you have a balcony, terrace or garden, you can extend life at home, revitalise it, with the seasons. Our Garden Buyer's Guide is here to help you along the way. If you're not sure where to begin, you'll find information on how to choose the right material for your space and lifestyle, the differences in materials and the maintenance required, as some of our garden furniture require zero maintenance, while some requires a bit of TLC every now and again. And your outside space wouldn’t be complete without adding those finishing touches. A parasol, some outdoor cushions, and some perfectly placed lighting can create the perfect ambience all year round.

Our Garden Buyer’s Guide is split into 5 sections.

Things to Consider

The size of your outside space
We know that outdoor spaces come in all different shapes and sizes from a sprawling garden to a snug balcony. To make the most of your outdoors choosing furniture that perfectly complements the size of your space is essential.

Consider how many people will be using your space and what you want to use your space for. Will it be a multifunctional space for the kids to play and for the adults to entertain? Use an extendable rectangular table to feed large families and extra guests and storage benches for cushions and kids toys. Folding, easy to store tables and chairs and perfect for small spaces and don't forget handy hooks to keep folding tables and chairs at a height which means more usable floor space.

Our outdoor furniture is available in a range of different materials and finishes to suit different styles, needs and lifestyles. Some materials, like wood, require a little extra TLC every now and again where as our wood look-a-like range, FALSTER, has the look and feel of wood but requires little maintenance. We always would recommend storing outdoor furniture in a cool dry place if possible. If this isn't possible, garden furniture covers are perfect for keeping your furniture in condition all year round.

For our wood furniture, VÅRDA glazing paint can be used to penetrate the wood and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

Choosing the right material for you

All of our garden furniture is suitable for outdoor use, however while some are minimal maintenance, some require a little TLC every now and again. Every material has its benefits, but read to find out which material suits your needs the most.


We love wood. It’s hard, yet soft. It’s naturally durable. It’s a living material that lends warmth and ages beautifully – and it’s both renewable and recyclable. No wonder we are huge fans of trees and the forests they come from! (Read more about our sustainability).

Our durable Pine is we cut using a technique that positions the growth rings vertically rather than horizontally. This makes the wood more durable and reduces the risk of surface cracks. We also pre-treat all of our pine products with glazing paint to protect the wood and prolong the time before re-glazing is required. Pine is softwood and needs a little more TLC than Acacia.

High quality solid wood Acacia is a durable hardwood, and follows the IKEA requirements on wood harvesting and legality. IKEA contributes this way to ensure that wood is also available in the future, so we can all enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

It is recommended that all wooden products are treated at least once a year to help maintain weather resistance and protect against rotting.


Our Aluminum is light-weight and practical. It doesn’t rust, is durable and low maintenance. To prevent rust, out aluminum is coated with a polyester powder coating. This coating shouldn’t peel, but if it does touch up the surface with a matching car or metal paint.

As with our aluminum, our Steel is protected from rust with a powder coating of plastic paint. It is weather-resistant and low maintenance.


Plastic furniture is low maintenance, easy to clean and extremely durable. But plastic doesn’t have to look cheap. We have Plastic Hand-Woven Rattan. It has the same expression and feeling as natural rattan, without the high maintenance. It’s weather resistant and easy to care for. And the Polystyrene Plastic used in our FALSTER range has the look and expression of solid wood but requires no maintenance. It withstands rain, snow, low and high temperatures. Plastic mesh is also low maintenance and easy to care for.

Maintaining your garden furniture

We have a great range of low maintenance garden furniture, however read our tips on how to prolong the life of your wooden garden furniture, and how to protect your new garden furniture.
VÅRDA glazing paint

Caring for Wooden Furniture

Re-glazing your wood
With proper care and simple regular maintenance, like re-glazing, you can extend the life of your wooden outdoor furniture. How often you reglaze depends on location, usage and exposure to sun, rain and the elements.

When to reglaze your wood
Be aware of colour changing, small cracks and dry feeling surface finishes. These are signs that you need to reglaze the furniture.

Be sure you clean and dry the furniture well before re-glazing it. Choose a place in the shade when cleaning, re-glazing and letting the furniture dry. Avoid direct sunlight.

How to reglaze:
1. Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.
2. Wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. For tougher stains you can use a brush. If necessary, sand the surface with fine sandpaper. Make sure to sand it in the direction of the wood.
3. Apply a thin and even layer of glazing paint with a cloth or a sponge. Apply on the entire surface at once in the direction of the wood.
4. Water based glazing paint dries quickly so be sure to wipe off any extra with a dry cloth.

Take a look at our VÅRDA glazing paint available in brown or colourless.

Sanding your wood If you've noticed splinters in your wood then sanding every now and again can smooth the surface of your wooden furniture and give your wood new life.

More tips:
- Try to keep the furniture clean and dry. Tilt your furniture after bad weather so that any water can drain away.
- If possible, store indoors during periods of bad weather, in a dry and cool place. When stored outside, tilt the furniture to avoid horizontal surfaces and preferably use waterproof covers. Make sure air can circulate to avoid moisture and mould.

Caring for All Furniture

Protection with garden furniture covers
Your garden furniture deserves to be looked after. Keep it looking clean and new with water-resistant garden furniture covers. Rusty BBQs, soggy outdoor cushions, and damp garden chairs will be a thing of the past. With our MUSKÖ range, protect your BBQ, tables, chairs, sun loungers, parasols and cushions.

MUSCO Garden Furniture Covers

See all our MUSKÖ garden furniture covers.

Add those finishing touches

Personalise your outside space by adding a few finishing touches.
Garden parasols or umbrellas are perfect for protecting yourself and loved ones from the scorching sun. We also have water-resistant parasols to keep you protected come rain or sun. And if you want to get some shade without an obstructive pole getting in the way then take a look at our hanging parasols. The frame will stand out of the way to offer the perfect amount of shade and the perfect amount of space underneath. All of our parasols come with a minimum 90% UV-protection which means 90% or more ultraviolet radiation is blocked by the parasol. Protection come rain or shine.

Gazebos are perfect for creating an area for summer parties, BBQs and celebrations or to offer extra privacy for an area of utter relaxation in your garden. They can offer protection from those occasional summer showers and create the perfect space for celebrations by hanging decorative outdoor lighting in and around your gazebo. Most of our gazebos come with washable fabric, meaning they’re easy to keep clean.

Sun Loungers & Hammocks
Whether you’re planning to get lost in a novel in the shade or bronze in the sun, one summer essential nobody should go without is a sun lounger. If you want something extra special, then why not own your own hammock. Don't worry if you don't have 2 palm trees to lie between, we now offer a hammock and stand so you can relax without the worry.

You can always take your furniture with you too. If you don’t own your own outside space, or you enjoy daytrips to the beach, our lightweight sun loungers, beach chairs and hammocks can be used on the move.

Garden Sofas
Bring the comforts of the indoors outside with a garden sofa. You can create a new room for your home outside. Our outdoor sofa ranges are customisable to fit your space, whether you have a balcony, terrace or garden. With our garden sofa sections you can design your own bespoke outside living solution piece by piece. Perfect for relaxing by day and night. And our garden sofas are also perfect for conservatories.

Garden Lighting
Create the perfect ambience in your outside space with outdoor lighting. Use the daylight to make the most of the summer nights with our solar powered lights. All of our SOLVINDEN lighting uses solar cells to transform sunlight into electricity. So it won’t add a penny to your bills and leaves out untidy cables and plugs.

Outdoor Cushions
Part of enjoying the outdoors is bringing the comforts of the indoors with you. Customise your comfort with our range of outdoor cushions. We have a range of outdoor cushions that have all the comfort and quality you would expect from an indoor cushion, but the durability you need for outdoor use. An affordable way to refresh your existing outdoor furniture.

Garden Storage
Regardless of the size of your outside space, find garden storage furniture to store your outdoor toys, cushions, garden tools and storage benches that double as seating for small spaces. Many of our outdoor storage benches are available on castors to wheel around if you have several favourite outdoor spots.

The perfect way to section off an area for lounging and dining, or instantly upgrade the look of your balcony. Transform your space from the ground up with PLATTA decking. Easy to install with no experience or complicated tools, PLATTA just clicks together and you are done. Whether you have a large terrace or just a few square meters, PLATTA is an affordable way to dramatically change the look of your outdoor space.


The classic contemporary AMMERÖ range is a complete solution for outdoor summer relaxation. The range consists of several low seating units, tables, chairs, storage and more so you can customise how you lounge. There’s even a gazebo that helps keep the sun away and a storage bench to stow away cushions and pads.

And AMMERÖ gives you high quality without high maintenance. Everything in the range is no maintenance and easy to care for. Most pieces, like the low seating series, are made of hand-woven plastic rattan. The cushion covers can be machine washed and the durable furniture can stay out all summer. If they get dirty it’s easy to wash them with water and a mild soapy solution. AMMERÖ is available in dark brown with beige cushions.

See our full AMMERÖ outdoor furniture range.


Whether you have a sprawling garden, a large terrace or a small balcony – you can freely combine pieces in the ÄNGSÖ outdoor furniture series to suit your space. A round table that seats four. Or a generous rectangular table that seats eight. Then choose chairs with armrests or benches that help you fit even more guests. Add HÅLLÖ cushions and everyone will sit comfortably, long into the night. There’s also a storage bench for hiding away cushions, lawn games or gardening supplies.

ÄNGSÖ is made from high quality durable pine, pre-treated with glazing paint to protect the wood and prolong the time before re-glazing is required. The ÄNGSÖ range is available in white and black-brown

See our full ÄNGSÖ outdoor furniture range.


Want a bed for sunning on your balcony? Need a table for your next garden party? Want storage for garden tools and outdoor cushions? ÄPPLARÖ is a complete outdoor range with everything you need to create an outdoor living room. Low seating units, tables, chairs, stools, storage benches, wall panels, sun lounger and more. You can customise your outdoor living room whether it’s a small balcony or a large garden.

All ÄPPLARÖ products are made using solid wood acacia with a dark brown finish. A durable hardwood, acacia follows the IKEA requirements on wood harvesting and legality.

See our full ÄPPLARÖ outdoor furniture range.


Want a cosy corner for snuggling? A sofa fit for two? Maybe a long place to stretch out and read? ARHOLMA is the perfect for gardens, terraces, rooftops and conservatories. ARHOLMA is made of light brown hand-woven plastic rattan. It has the same expression and feel as natural rattan without the high maintenance. Add ARHOLMA seat cushions and back cushions for great comfort. The beige cushion covers can be machine washed and the durable furniture can stay out all summer. If they get dirty it’s easy to wash them with water and a mild soapy solution.

See our full ARHOLMA outdoor furniture range.


If you’re looking for style, look for ENHOLMEN. ENHOLMEN is modern with a twist of 1950’s Hollywood. With its light grey colour and distinct weave, ENHOLMEN outdoor furniture adds an airy, modern touch to your outdoor living room. Lounge outdoors with a custom modular sofa. Make an outdoor dining area. Relax in a sun bed. Except for bad weather, there’s no excuse not to be outdoors!

And you don’t have to work hard for a stylish outdoors. Everything in the ENHOMLEN range is now maintenance and easy to care for. Most of ENHOLMEN is made of hand-woven plastic rattan, and frames made of rust-proof aluminum that is durable and lightweight.

See our full ENHOLMEN outdoor furniture range.


Our FALSTER range looks like wood, feels like wood, but guess what – it is not wood. FALSTER has the look and expression of solid wood but requires no maintenance. All the pieces can be stored inside or outside since the artificial wood withstands rain, snow, low and high temperatures. The rustproof aluminum frames are durable and lightweight, too. And just like wood, FALSTER can be sanded down if it gets a light scratch or two on the slats. Don't worry if FALSTER gets caught in the rain. It doesn't mind.

Whether you have a sprawling back garden or a small balcony, it's easy to fit FALSTER outdoor furniture to your space and requirements. To create an outdoor oasis of calm and relaxation, use individual pieces like a chair with armrests or a sun lounger. Enjoy al fresco dining by combining chairs and benches with a table. And the chairs are stackable, too, saving space whether you're done for the day or the season. FALSTER has available two different colour options, black/brown and grey.

See our full FALSTER outdoor furniture range.


GARPEN Garden Furniture Range
With our affordable GARPEN range you can lounge outdoors with a custom modular sofa. Make an outdoor dining area. Relax in a sunbed. Sip cocktails with a bar table and stools. The choice is yours.

Most of our GARPEN range is made of black plastic mesh, which requires no maintenance and is easy to clean. And the frames are made of rust-proof aluminum, lightweight a durable.

See our full GARPEN outdoor furniture range.


SUNDERÖ Garden Furniture Range
Made of high quality solid pine, SUNDERÖ is the perfect outdoor dining and relaxing range. And there are plenty of design benefits. The table legs can be folded in to use less storage space. And the generously sizes chairs have angled backs and wide armrests for good comfort.

And rest assured your SUNERÖ range will last for many summers to come. When cutting the pine for horizontal surfaces of SUNDERÖ furniture, we use a technique that positions the annual growth rings more vertically instead of horizontally. This makes the wood more durable and decreases surface cracks. Plus, SUNDERÖ has already been treated with three layers of water based glazing paint to better withstand outdoor use. The surface is extra durable and it will take longer time before re-glazing treatment is needed. SUNDERÖ is available in grey.

See our full SUNDERÖ outdoor furniture range.