1. Download the IKEA Catalogue app on your smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded via App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or via Google Play for Android.

2. To discover more ideas, look for the plus-sign located on the pages in the catalogue.

3. Open the IKEA Catalogue app, choose the scan-button and hold your phone or tablet 20-30 cm from the catalogue page.

4.or if reading the digital catalogue - click on the additional content symbol.

5. Enjoy!
The digital version of the full catalogue is now available online. View it on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

The digital catalogue also contains interactive and extended content such as; how to guides, videos, tips, ideas, product search and more.
Sharing your favorite pages with friends on Facebook is even easier, use the new Sharing and Like features on each page.
Augmented Reality
By far the most popular and exciting addition to extended content this year, IKEA has developed a way to help get over the age-old barrier of “does that product fit with what I already have?” – With a smart phone or tablet, it will be possible to view and place IKEA products in photos of rooms to see how they will look!

360°/180° Special Features
Explore rooms in 360°/180° views
• Zoom in features for product benefits and information
• Seamless Interaction (a room set changes appearance through a series of images)
• Extended Image Galleries

Video Gallery
Short films and videos from everything about what went into designing room settings (from the designers themselves) to the work IKEA does on a Global level to help sustainability and support children throughout the world.
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