How do I shop?

Search your product

1. Search your product

You can search for the products you want to purchase in different ways.

You can search via the ‘room’ you wish to furnish, for example, kitchen or bedroom. Searching for your products in this way will allow you to see all the products and will provide lots of inspirations for your new room.

You can also browse the products according to their functions from “ What products can I buy online?”.
Choose your colour/size

2. Choose your colour/size

When you select your product you're taken to the product information page - if the product has more than one colour or size there will be a drop-down menu.

Click the option you want and the price and product information will update accordingly.
Product information

3. Product information

Under “product information”, you can find out the assembly instructions, product package dimensions and weight.
Add your selections into the shopping cart

4. Add your selections into the shopping cart

Now specify the quantity you require and click the ‘Macau Online Order' button. This button will be activated for product available to shop online.
View your shopping cart

5. View your shopping cart

You can now view your shopping cart or close the window and continue browsing.
Finalize your order

6. Finalize your order

When you’re ready to finalize your order, you can select ‘Macau Shopping Cart’ from the header that’s on every page.
Begin checkout

7. Begin checkout

Now you’ll see everything you’ve added to your cart and you have the opportunity to change quantities, delete some items or even add some more! When you’re happy with what’s in your cart, click the 'begin checkout' button.
Login or shop as a guest

8. Login or shop as a guest

You can login to your account or simply shop as a guest.
Fill in your details

9. Fill in your details

You need to tell us where you want your order to be delivered. If you already have a profile, you can click on a button which will automatically enter your delivery details. If you’re a guest, you will need to complete this information.
Confirmation e-mail

10. Confirmation e-mail

Review your order, and click on the ‘place your order’ button. You will shortly receive an email for delivery options and online payment. You have the opportunity here to register a profile to make it a little bit easier to shop next time.
11. Verification

11. Verification

Before the payment, please enter your telephone number for verification.
12. Comfrim your order

12. Comfrim your order

Please tick the appropriate service and fill in delivery information if necessary. Tick both boxes for agreeing on all the charges, terms and conditions. Then press the confirmation button for further payment.
13. Paying for your order

13. Paying for your order

Please choose VISA or MasterCard for your payment.
14. Paying for your order

14. Paying for your order

After confirmed the order, please fill in credit card information to complete your payment. We will then contact you for delivery details if delivery or assembly service is needed.