Gift wrapping

While some people are be born with a natural skill to wrap up presents in the most beautiful manner, others struggle. But regardless of which kind of wrapper you are, our gift-wrapping tips will help you create the prettiest packages your Christmas tree has ever seen. Come on!
The basics of wrapping

The basics of wrapping

The most important thing to remember is patience. Make sure you have plenty of time before you start wrapping. A stressed wrapper is a poor wrapper. Then try not to use too much paper. The less you use, the better it will look in the end. The paper must cover the gift, though. Finally, be happy with the result. Unless you are a professional wrapper, no one will complain if the end result isn’t flawless. Have fun!
How much paper is needed?
1. How much paper is needed?
To decide how much paper is needed, fold out the wrapping paper on a bench and place your package on it. Cut off the paper so the edges overlap when you pull them together. Most people are too generous with the paper, but the less paper you use, the sweeter your package will look.
Wrap the paper around your gift
2. Wrap the paper around your gift
Now it’s time to wrap the paper around your gift. For that you need two hands and a bit of patience. Fold the paper tightly around the gift. Use your hands to make certain the paper is in close contact with the gift. Once again, make sure the edges overlap and that the paper is wrapped straight around the gift. It’s okay to use some tape if you want to.
Fold in the corners
3. Fold in the corners
The next step is to fold in the corners. Simply turn the package and fold in the corners on the short side. Fold each corner like a triangle so the end of the paper looks like an arrow. When the edges are folded, put some pressure on them so they won’t try to unfold. It’s almost like you're “ironing” the paper, but using only your hands.
Put some tape on it
4. Put some tape on it
We’re almost there. Now all you have to do is to put some tape on the edges to make sure they won’t open and reveal what’s inside. This part of the wrapping will be much easier if you pre cut a few pieces of tape so you don’t have to do that while you’re busy holding the paper in place. Cut small pieces of tape, then they’ll virtually invisible when the package is finished. Not too difficult, right?
The icing on the cake
5. The icing on the cake – the string
Finally, you might want to put a nice ribbon around your beautifully wrapped up present. This is easy, too. Start by putting the ribbon underneath the package, then over the package until the two ends meet. Twist the two pieces of ribbon around each other and turn the package around. Gently tighten the ribbon and tie a nice rosette. Done!
Find your wrapping style

Find your wrapping style

Are you the straightforward, no-nonsense type of wrapper or do you prefer a more romantic style? Here are a few tips that will help you find your own personal way of wrapping nice presents.
The modern wrap
1. The modern wrap
You can’t go wrong with the modern style of wrapping. Start by choosing a fairly neutral paper – white, blue or silver will look great. Then add a matching ribbon. In the picture, we used a dark ribbon with a fairly bright paper. The contrast makes the package more attractive. Finish it off by curling up the ribbon, using a pair of scissors. Put the ribbon between your thumb and one of the blades and pull gently. Just be careful so you don’t cut your fingers. Use a gift tag that matches the rest of the package and write a nice rhyme on it.
The traditional wrap
2. The traditional wrap
This is how presents have been wrapped since Christmas was invented. Go for traditional paper patterns and a home woven feel. Try to find paper decorated with snowflakes, reindeer or sleighs. Colours like blue, red, green and white are spot on. On this package, we used two different ribbons in matching colours. To create the look in the picture, hold the two ribbons together and wrap them diagonally from corner to corner. Tie the ribbons together and use leaves or dried flowers for the finishing touch.
The pompous wrap
3. The pompous wrap
This is for the brave at heart. A present wrapped up like this will surely stand out and let everyone know that something special is coming. Use paper and ribbon with plenty of colour and don’t be afraid to choose eye-catching patterns. The more, the merrier. If you want to, use two kinds of paper. First, wrap up the whole package with one type of paper. Then, add a layer of a contrasting paper around the package. Simple, but very nice.
Personalize your package

How to personalize your package

Nothing can compete with a personal gift wrapped up in a personal way. Luckily, it isn’t very complicated to add the extra details that make a big difference. The easiest step is to choose a unique paper that oozes of personality. Then there are plenty of beautiful ribbons and rosettes to experiment with (and zillions of ways of combining them with strings and lace). And if you’re ready for the next level, how about sealing wax with a personal message in it? Then of course there is the tag. This is where you can really shine. Give it a personal shape and use it to write a heart warming message to the receiver.