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Transforming a small living room into a room for everyone

Is this a small living room, a playroom, or a bedroom? How about all three? Rooms in small homes are expected to do a lot, which makes them difficult to define. But with foldable, flexible, stackable, movable and climb-up-on-top-able furniture, a small room can transform into whatever you need it to be.
Storage solutions for small spaces

Storage designed for children, loved by parents

STUVA may just be the perfect storage solution for a small space which functions as both living and play room. It was designed with kids in mind, so it’s safe. Drawers on wheels makes getting to their toys easy. Plus with it’s neutral design it’ll fit right in with your more ‘grown-up’ furniture. That’s what you might call a win-win solution.
Stackable chairs allows for great flexibility

Stackable furniture – a multipurpose room’s secret weapon

Stackable stools might not be the most expensive pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy, but they’re sure to be one of the most valuable, especially when space is tight. Use them as footstools, chairs or side tables, or stack them up out of the way when it’s time to get the train set out.
Loft beds allow for more floor space

Loft beds. They’re not just for kids.

Loft beds are just as comfortable and spacious as other beds, but they free up floor space so you can create more room for other things. Placing a curtain track around the perimeter of the bed let’s you cocoon inside when you need some personal space. Add a wall shelf to hold all those crime novels you love to read, and of course don’t forget a lamp.

Designer’s tip for personalising your loft bed

It’s the small things in a home that can really make a big difference. The underside of this loft bed is just one more place you can add a personal touch. All you need are some hooks and a bit of your favourite fabric.

More ideas for small living rooms


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