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Creating big cooking dreams in a small kitchen

If you wish for a big country kitchen but live in a small apartment in the city, you don’t have to give up your dreams; maybe just shrink them a little. Building a kitchen island is one way to fit in all of the big-cooking essentials and still have plenty of room to work on your epic recipes.
Small kitchen worktops for more workspace

Building a small kitchen island

Most small kitchens have a traditional L-shape to maximise floor space. But here we sacrificed a bit of floor space to build an island that maximises cooking space instead. The island is built using two 80 cm cabinets back to back and two 30 cm cabinets on either side of the oven. The work top is custom-cut to fit the island and has precut holes for the large hob and sink. And, to make the kitchen even more flexible we added a rolling trolley, which gives you extra workspace wherever you need it.
Small kitchen sink with chopping board

The keys to big cooking in a small kitchen

If cooking is your priority you’ll probably want to choose a serious hob with multiple burners big enough to cook several dishes at once. With the large work top on this island you’ll have space to fit it in. For cleaning and washing up a big kitchen sink gives you plenty of room to work with. And with a DOMSJÖ chopping board your sink turns into even more workspace.
Small kitchen cabinets with great storage space

Leave space to make space

When planning cabinets for a small kitchen, using the full height of the room ensures that every inch is put to good use. But, sometimes leaving an empty space will give you more room to store things like large serving dishes or paella pans that don’t fit in the cabinets. And the extra bit of worktop can also be used for small appliances or as a stand-off area for cooling a big tray of muffins or a bowl of rising dough.
Small wall organizers for your cooking tools

Your walls can give you a helping hand

If you’ve ever cooked a big complicated meal you’ll know that there just isn’t time enough to dig through drawers to find the cheese grater. Open shelves and rails keep all of your frequently used cooking tools within arms reach and easy to find, so you can concentrate on your soufflé. And in a small kitchen, rails help maximise space by putting normally empty walls to work.
Small space storage for your kitchen

Go all the way up

There’s a reason why buildings in cities reach for the sky – it’s an efficient way to use space. The same thinking applies in a small kitchen. Plan cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and you can fit more in. Here we used glass panel doors which add to the style but also add to an open feeling of space. The lighting within the cabinets also helps light the rest of the room. Here’s an idea – tape up your best recipes inside the cabinet and get cooking at a glance.

More ideas for small kitchens

If you’ve got big ambitions for your little space, check out our kitchen design ideas to help make small kitchens work harder.
Small kitchen design and planning

Start planning your new kitchen right away

Plan your kitchen with the help of the IKEA Home Planner. Get started today. When you’re ready, either print out your drawings and product list at home, or save your plan to the IKEA server. At the IKEA store you can discuss your drawing with one of our kitchen experts. They’ll go over the final details with you, so you can take your kitchen from drawing to reality.
Small kitchen organizers for drawers and cabinets

Organizing the smallest spaces in your kitchen

In the drawers and behind closed doors, if your kitchen is organised on the inside you’ll find more room and your garlic press a little quicker.

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