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Together with Whirlpool we’ve considered the way you cook and go about everyday life in the kitchen. From there we’ve designed a range of appliances that make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.
Ovens and cookers

Ovens and cookers

Every cook is different. So we have a range of ovens with different functions, sizes and styles to fit your kitchen and needs. They're built in for ergonomic comfort, and each oven has child safety locks and is certified Energy Class A.
Forced air function
A forced air oven is perfect for the avid cook who ends up preparing several dishes in the oven at once. The fan in the back spreads pre-heated air evenly throughout the oven. So those blueberry muffins on the bottom rack? They’ll taste just like blueberry muffins and not like the lasagne you’ve got baking above.
Steam function
Keep the vitamins in your veggies and the moisture in your roast. An oven with a steam function is easy to use and yields great results. Just add water to the steam dispenser, and as your food is cooking it will gradually release moisture into the oven. Not only does it enhance your food’s natural flavours, but it’s also a healthier option; the added steam means you won’t need to add extra fats or oils to keep food ender/moist.
Pyrolitic function
‘Pyrolitic’ is a fancy way of saying ‘less cleaning for you.’ A special function in these ovens turns the heat up to over 400°C, causing grease and dirt/food remnants to turn into ashes. When the cycle is complete all you need to do to clean the oven is wipe it down with a wet cloth.

Microwave ovens

A microwave oven saves you time and facilitates your everyday cooking in a flexible way. Better still: they’re all built-in and coordinate perfectly with all our other appliances, creating a great, integrated look. Being built-in and mounted in a high cabinet means you have it at a comfortable working height and free up extra space on your worktop. And, as well as defrosting and heating up food, we have models with an extractor fan, so you get two functions in one all the while it coordinates with the kitchen and the rest of your appliances.
A wide range of functions
Our microwave ovens include all basic functions for quick defrosting and reheating. They also have an additional steam cooking function for quick and healthy cooking. You can steam potatoes, vegetables and fish fillets – and the food will retain both its vitamins and consistency. Just fill the included steaming set with water and select the desired program.

We also offer microwave ovens with a wide range of functions – beyond just defrosting and warming up food. With crisp and combination grill functions, for example, you put an extra touch and a crispy finish to gratins, meat and lasagne.

Our microwave combi ovens are a microwave oven and forced air oven in one. It gives you several different functions to choose between or combine. The forced air function distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, which makes it easier to get great baking and cooking results. The large microwave oven capacity also allows you to cook larger dishes like roasts, lasagne and cakes.


From quick-heating glass ceramic hobs, to energy efficient and precise induction hobs or easy-to-control gas ones, we’ve got a wide range of op¬tions. And if one isn’t enough, mix and match different functions into your own custom domino hob.
Ceramic hobs
These hobs give an even heat and have a smooth easy-toclean surface of tempered glass. Some have variable cooking zones that provide effective heat and that can be adapted to the size of the cookware.
Induction hobs
Induction hobs get the job done faster than any other hob. Not to mention they are also easier on both your energy bill and the environment. Compared to traditional hobs, they save up to 40% energy and bring two litres of water to a boil in just five minutes, almost twice as fast as a glass ceramic or gas hob. To work, your pan simply needs to touch at least one of the crosses marked on the cook top. The induction zones sense the size of the pan and automatically adjust to suit it. This gives you the flexibility to place your cookware almost anywhere you’d like on the surface.
Gas hobs
Many avid cooks swear by gas hobs. They respond almost immediately when you increase or lower the heat, giving you lots of control and accuracy. And because the flame responds so quickly the burner doesn’t need extra time to heat up or cool down. Ours even have automatic shut-off safety valves for added security.
Domino hobs
Glass ceramic, induction, grill and gas hobs. They all have unique benefits, and picking just one can be a bit of a challenge. Domino hobs allow you to mix and match different types for one hob that’s customised to fit the way you really want to cook.
Energy-saving tip!
You’re using the cooktop a lot. By choosing an induction cooktop that heats up quickly you’re saving a lot of time and energy. The induction cooktop is also more efficient in transferring heat to the pot compared to other types of cooktops. Use the right sized burner for the size of pot or pan you are using. If the burner is bigger than the pot it wastes energy. Also always use a lid when bringing e.g. water to the boil.
Extractor hoods

Extractor hoods

Hoods are the multitaskers of the kitchen. They quietly remove grease, smoke and steam, all while making a design impact.
Energy-saving tip!
Clean the grease filter often. This way you’re keeping the function of the hood and saving energy since the hood doesn’t need to use as much energy with a clean filter compared to a greasy one. It’s easy to keep the grease filters clean since they are dishwasher-safe.
Fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers

We offer a wide selection of fridge/freezers in different sizes and with different features to match all kind of family needs; side-by-side, combinations of a larger fridge and a smaller freezer, fridges with freezer compartments, fridges and freezers that fit between cabinets under the worktop and even a 2-drawer fridge.
Integrated or freestanding?
Choose between an integrated or freestanding fridge/freezer. With the integrated fridge/freezer you can match the front with the rest of the kitchen doors to create an integrated look. They fit perfectly in the FAKTUM high cabinets for built-in fridge/freezers. The doors can be mounted to open to the left or right.

A freestanding fridge/freezer is easy to plan into the kitchen, to place and to move. They also work as a design feature that can change the character of the kitchen. We are offering freestanding fridge/freezers within the NUTID and FRAMTID series with handles that are matching the VINNA and TYDA handles.
Energy class A
All fridges and freezers meet energy class A. They have effective defrost systems and cool with naturally occurring, low environment impact gas isobutene (R600a). A better alternative for the environment.


A dishwasher doesn't just save you time; it also saves you more water than washing by hand. And the more dishes you can take care of at once, the better. And to create even more space, consider a tall tub model.
Different sizes for different needs
How often do you cook? How big is your household? How much tableware do you use? Answering these questions will guide you to the right size of your dishwasher. And that’s why IKEA offers two widths – 45 cm with 10 place settings for smaller households – and a tall tub 60 cm dishwasher holding 12 place settings.
All our dishwashers are designed be integrated with a door that matches the kitchen. Decide if you want a door that conceals or displays the control panel. Do you perhaps want a dishwasher that matches with all other NUTID appliances? Then choose the NUTID dishwasher with stainless steel front and VINNA handles.
All our models meet Energy class A, saving energy and reducing your energy bills. It’s worth remembering that using a dishwasher, instead of doing the dished by hand, is always the best choice if you want to save energy and water throughout the year.
Washing machines

Washing machine

RENLIG integrated washing machine comes with 6 kg load capacity, 20 washing programs and A+ energy rating. It’s designed to fit perfectly with our FAKTUM kitchen cabinets and matching kitchen door fronts.
Expresso machine

More appliances

Espresso maker and warming drawer – two useful appliances that further improve everyday life at home.
Espresso maker
Your favourite java is just minutes away with SMAKRIK built-in espresso maker. Besides offering you great coffee all day through, SMAKRIK is easy to install at a comfortable work height in a wall cabinet or high cabinet.
Warming drawer
A warming drawer is perfect for keeping food and dishes warm. The temperature inside the drawer is variable, ranging from 40°C to 80°C. The drawer is fully extendible for easy overview and access to the content.

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