Create a child-friendly kitchen

How to prepare for planning:
Create a child-friendly kitchen
5 easy steps

The kitchen is the heart of the home where everyone gathers and spends most of their time – but it is also a place with several potential dangers. Hot pots and pans are moved about, sharp knives are used and curious children explore and are eager to help.

Many accidents can be prevented through careful planning or by taking simple measures. Here you can learn about kitchen safety and how you can create a safe and functional kitchen – for all members of the household.
Oven height

Place your oven at a safe and convenient height

Place the oven and microwave at a height that makes it easy to see the interior and convenient to take hot dishes out. Place the microwave above the oven to keep it out of reach for small children.
Hob guard

Hob guard – prevents accidents by the cooking unit

Mount hob- and topple-guards. They are adjustable in width and can be adapted to the size of your cooking unit.
Corner bumper

Corner bumpers

Reduces the risk of your child getting hurt by sharp edges.
Safety catch

Mount cabinet/drawer catches or locks

Keep dangerous liquids, knives or detergents out of children's reach.
Anti slip

Anti-slip underlay

Keeps the rug in place and reduces the risk of slipping.
Door stop

Door stop

Children getting their fingers caught in doors is something you definitely want to avoid. A door stop keeps the door open and your worries at a safe distance.
Step stool

Have a step stool nearby

They are handy for reaching high shelves or for letting children be part of the action. Use anti-slip strips to prevent slipping.

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