IKEA FAMILY Terms and Conditions

On this page you find all the Terms and Conditions related to the IKEA FAMILY loyalty programme.


The IKEA FAMILY card programme, the use of the IKEA FAMILY card (and any temporary IKEA FAMILY card that is issued at any time), any visits and any rewards under the programme are all subject to the following terms and conditions.
  1. The IKEA FAMILY card and the temporary IKEA FAMILY card are issued by and remain the property of IKEA Ltd.
  2. IKEA Ltd reserves the right to: (a) terminate the programme (giving 14 days notice); (b) decline to issue IKEA FAMILY cards; and (c) on reasonable grounds*, withdraw or cancel IKEA FAMILY cards or visits collected, or to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the IKEA FAMILY programme.
  3. All participants in the IKEA FAMILY programme must be UK residents and aged 18 years or over.
  4. Card usage applies to IKEA UK stores only.
  5. The IKEA FAMILY card is not transferable, and can only be used by the person whose signature is on the card.
  6. The IKEA FAMILY card can only be used at stores and other promotional partners who may from time to time be part of the programme. These third party offerings will be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party involved.
  7. The IKEA FAMILY card cannot be used as a debit or credit card or a guarantee card.
  8. The IKEA FAMILY programme is only for personal and consumer use.
  9. Signature of application form and/or use of the IKEA FAMILY card (or any temporary card that is issued at any time) constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  10. These terms and conditions include the IKEA privacy policy and IKEA FAMILY - data protection and usage found below.
  11. If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, please write to: IKEA UK, Retail, 2nd Floor, Fletton Park, Peterborough, PE2 9ET.

*Reasonable grounds include: (i) any abuse or attempted abuse of the programme; (ii) any use or attempted use of an IKEA FAMILY card in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions; or (iii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a member in connection with the programme.

IKEA FAMILY - Data Protection and Usage

Please be assured that IKEA Ltd (“we”, “us”, “our”) will safeguard any information you provide. We would like to use the details provided, together with the information your IKEA FAMILY card tells us about what you buy in our stores to: understand what you like to buy; help make IKEA FAMILY better for you; contact you with offers and information about products and services that may be of personal interest to you.

We will share your details with the IKEA group of companies (including IKANO Financial Services Ltd, IKEA FAMILY Services AB) who may offer products and services which may interest you and any business that processes IKEA FAMILY information on our behalf (e.g. printers who need certain details to print our mailings).

We may also use and share information relating to groups of customers without identifying individuals to learn more about customer behaviour and find ways of enhancing our services to you.

For further information please review the IKEA privacy policy.

You have the right to request a copy of the information held by us about you, to have changed any inaccuracies in the details we hold about you, the right to object to the use of your data and the right to block any specific uses of your data, by means of a request in writing to: IKEA Ltd, 255 North Circular Road, London NW10 0JQ.


The following terms and conditions are valid for all IKEA FAMILY coupons. Additional terms and conditions may be specified on the coupon.
  1. Coupons are only valid on dates stated on coupon.
  2. Coupons apply to IKEA FAMILY members only.
  3. IKEA FAMILY card and coupon must be presented at time of purchase.
  4. Only one coupon per IKEA FAMILY member is valid.
  5. Only one coupon per transaction is valid.
  6. Coupons are only valid towards qualifying purchases made in stores within UK and not available via IKEA shop online.
  7. If store name is stated on coupon, coupon is only valid towards qualifying purchases made in stated store.
  8. Coupons cannot be used towards purchases of IKEA gift cards or IKEA services inclusive of Home Delivery, Installation, Assembly and Kitchen planning unless specifically stated.
  9. Coupons cannot be used towards purchases in the IKEA cafe, IKEA Bistro, IKEA Swedish food market or IKEA restaurant unless specifically stated.
  10. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts.
  11. Damaged, defaced, illegible, copied or altered coupons will not be accepted.
  12. Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash, have no cash value and no change will be given.
  13. Coupons cannot be transferred, sold or in any way traded.
  14. IKEA reserve the right to withdraw or amend coupon promotions as necessary due to circumstances outside our reasonable control.
  15. All returns are subject to the current IKEA returns policy .
  16. Only restriction to returns policy; if you return qualifying items to the extent that you no longer meet the eligibility conditions of this offer then, depending on the reason for the return, IKEA Ltd reserve the right to deduct the value of the benefit of this offer from any refund due to you.
  17. Coupons are and remains the property of IKEA Ltd at all times

IKEA FAMILY - Free product insurance

The following terms and conditions are valid for the IKEA FAMILY insurance; insure your new products against accidental damage on the way home and during assembly. Just swipe your card at the check-outs.
  1. Benefit only applies to IKEA FAMILY members.
  2. IKEA FAMILY card must be presented and swiped at time of purchase of product.
  3. Benefit only applies to purchases made in IKEA Ltd stores within UK and Ireland.
  4. Benefit does not apply to purchases made from IKEA Shop Online, IKEA gift cards, IKEA cafe, IKEA Bistro, IKEA Swedish food market, IKEA restaurant.
  5. Benefit does not apply to purchases picked, transported, assembled or installed as part of our additional IKEA services, as they are covered by the service provider, as outlined by their terms and conditions.
  6. Benefit does not apply to cut fabric, or goods ordered to your specification e.g. custom made worktops or made to order sofas.
  7. Benefit does not apply to purchases from the Bargain Corner, as items here are sold on an as seen basis.
  8. 8. Benefit does not apply to the installation of IKEA products e.g. installing kitchen worktops or appliances.
  9. IKEA FAMILY card must be presented together with proof of purchase when returning any damaged item.
  10. Articles found to be damaged will be replaced on a like for like basis or a refund card to the current selling price of the item.
  11. Benefit can only be claimed in stores within UK and Ireland, not by contacting Customer Services by phone, email or online.
  12. IKEA FAMILY members have 90 days from the date of purchase to return any item damaged during transit or whilst building.
  13. This benefit is in addition to any other separate insurance provisions you may have.
  14. This benefit is in addition to the current IKEA returns policy .
  15. This benefit does not affect your statutory rights.