‘Don’t be afraid to try new things with colour,’ says Anki. ‘You never know what will work until you experiment.’
Meet Anki
meet anki

‘I share a two-bedroom home with my partner, Casper, and our sons, Wolf, 4, and Mus, 5 months. I am a social worker and special educator but started blogging on my 29th birthday – it’s fun to talk about our home as it’s the place where we can be ourselves.’
My home
overview apartment

Our style

‘When Casper’s soccer mates come over, they joke: “Poor Casper, having to live in this girlie house.” Yet pink is Casper’s favourite colour. Home should reflect you. This place is all Casper and me.’

The kitchen

‘Our kitchen is small and open to the dining and living areas so our storage has to be practical and attractive. Close-fronted base units make it easy for us to shut the door on clutter. A glass-fronted unit and open shelves allow us to store and display items that add character while keeping a sense of space.’
dining space

The dining space

‘This is our “do everything” space. It’s Casper’s office during the day, Wolf’s play area at times and where we eat as a family or with friends. We wanted a table that could fit at least eight – and when there are more, having a bench means we can all squeeze in.’
living room

The living room

‘We decorate for style and comfort, but most of all for fun. If you look closely, you’ll spot birds and deer in unexpected places, as Casper loves birds and I love deer. The “Bambi” in the living room is the first I ever bought, at 20. It’s from Germany and cost 35,25 Deutsche Mark. It’s nice to make room for your memories as well as your passions in your home.’

‘We pick storage that works for us on two levels. First, it makes life easier because it keeps all our not very beautiful necessities under control. And second, it looks great! Hidden behind these yellow doors are computer leads, tools, letters... all kinds of things I don’t worry about once the door’s shut!’

The master bedroom

‘We can’t fit a full-size wardrobe in our bedroom, so we have picked a bed with built-in drawers underneath to boost our storage.’

Wolf’s bedroom

Wolf’s bedroom

‘Wolf’s room is up in the attic and it really is his kingdom. The action figures and dinosaurs he loves are on low shelves so he can reach them whenever he wants. There are also plenty of boxes so he finds it easier to tidy up when he’s finished playing.’
work area

The study

‘This work area is in an annexe off our bedroom. There is not a lot of space but we keep the desk clear by using wall-mounted storage for our stationery.’
outdoor dining area

Outdoor dining area

‘We have a small covered area outside where we like to eat when the weather is nice. We’ve furnished it with brightly coloured pieces to make it feel sunny. The backdrop is made from heavy-duty tarpaulin that’s used as lorry covers. Casper made up the picture on his computer, took it to a print shop and they transferred it to the tarpaulin.’
Outdoor play area

Outdoor play area

‘We bought a wooden house for Wolf’s second birthday. Then we customised it with textiles and plenty of IKEA for the interior! The string of monkey nuts hanging by the bunting is Casper’s home-made bird feeder.’

My tips and ideas

Plan storage in every room

‘Our house is tall and the bedrooms can seem far away from the living area when you have left something upstairs! We make sure we have smart and stylish storage in every room so we can keep everyday “essentials” upstairs and down.’
white base

Build on a unifying base

‘The white base in our home is important to make the colours work. On white everything looks bright and shiny so we can add accessories, like vases, plant pots and lamps, in any (and all!) of our favourite colours to add brightness and create a feeling of vibrancy in our home.’

Make yourself happy

‘Living with colour is important to our family. Someone recently told me this isn’t a house for pessimists. Pastels are soft colours – they make you feel good. Life is serious at the moment, maybe we all need a place that literally brightens up our lives...’
playfull room

Add humour

‘I think your home should reflect who you are and be a bit playful. Our home is full of humour and little displays that make us smile.’

Rethink your storage

‘In our narrow upstairs corridor we have created a storage solution for all the odd things that never have a home using TRONES shoe cabinets.’

Make an indoor play area

‘We made this tent out of IKEA fabrics for Wolf’s third birthday. It gives him his own space to play in downstairs.’

Personalise the walls

‘We hung photos in frames of different sizes and shapes in our stairwell – the children love seeing them! Having frames in one colour pulls everything together.’