Wedding ideas and inspiration

Wedding ideas

We know that you want everything to be perfect on your big day, and the reception is no exception. It’s the little things that can help you make it effortlessly elegant – like folded napkins, sweet decorations and unique dinnerware. We have a great range of themed table decoration and accessories, small touches for your special day.

Make a celebration uniquely yours by daring to dream. Why not surprise newlyweds with a decked-out moving van that’s ready for a pre-reception party? Or why not rent a fleet of vans to park in a scenic spot for a night of celebrating under the stars? From decorations to dinnerware and everything in between, we have a wide range products to help create a celebration that’s affordable and memorable.
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You can set up your online IKEA Gift account, a service where friends and family can contribute to a gift card for you to spend in store. All you need to do is plan how to spend the money.

Bright and bold colours

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold colours. Contrast pink an orange tones to create a summery feel to your celebration with heart shaped name cards and dip died lanterns. Pink and orange bolds work well together to create unique and summery theme.

Table tips

MÅLA coloured paper is a great way to create affordable wedding decorations, we can show you how.

1. Place names. Cut out a shape template, we suggest a heart; and in your nicest handwriting add your guests' names. Then slip in between each guest’s fork for a unique look.

2. Wedding signs. Construction paper letters on a lace background make a creative ‘just married’ sign.

3. Table decorations. Use coloured paper to create homemade flowers, place them into vases createing co-orindated look.

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Green and simple

Simplicity at its best

Designer thoughts by Eva Sjödin

“I was inspired by origami, or paper folding. I folded paper into different shapes, expressions and functions, which then became the basis of the plates and bowls in the MYNDIG series. I think they radiate sharpness and softness, while retaining the feeling of lightness present in the paper models.”


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Vintage chic

Glitz, glamour, decadence and jazz... we love the 1920’s, perfect for a vintage wedding.

It was an era of pioneering style and design, but you don’t have to have vintage pieces to create a 1920’s look. Instead, think about colours like black, chrome, silver and monochrome. Use large silver framed mirrors and decorative glass, shiny materials and elegant tall candleholders.

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