Try it at home for 90 days....

Sleep on it

Love it for 25 years*

Choosing a mattress is a big decision but we certainly don’t want you losing any sleep over it. We know that first impressions may not last and that really getting to know each other takes time. So when you’ve chosen your mattress take it home and try it out. For up to 90 days if you like! If the chemistry isn’t right simply bring it back to the IKEA store and choose another.

Even though you don’t buy a mattress every day you certainly want to be able to use it every day – year in, year out. SULTAN mattresses are rigorously tested, so rigorously in fact that we offer you a free 25 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. So when you’ve found your perfect match you can sleep easy. For years to come!

*Terms and conditions apply