Saba - a child rescued from exploitation
Preventing abuse and exploitation of children
The precise number of street children in Pakistan is unknown, but it's undoubtedly a problem on the increase. This project's focus is on building caring environments for Pakistan's destitute and neglected children.

The Vite-n-Hope Day Care Centre in Shahdara is supported by UNICEF through IKEA funding. It offers a protective environment for 200 children, all vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. They receive education and counselling there and recreational activities to learn new skills are also available.

“Most of these children have never been to school before, says Dr Ikram Ul-Islam, president of the non-governmental organisation Vite-n-Hope. "We support their recovery and re-integration into society.”

When Saba was about to turn 16, a friend told her that she could make a lot of money as a prostitute. Seeing it as the only way out of poverty, she entered the sex industry two years ago.

After teachers from the Vite-n-Hope Day Care Centre in Shahdara visited her home, she decided to join the centre. Since joining, she has learned how to read and write in Urdu. She also made sure that her younger sister enrolled at the centre.

Monthly meetings are arranged to keep parents committed to sending their children to the centre. Teachers also visit the children’s homes on a weekly basis to raise awareness about the centre’s activities and the importance of educating their children.