How to make the most of your small outside space

We know that outside spaces come in many different shapes and sizes, but a small space doesn’t have to cloud over your sunny day and you don’t have to compromise on design or function. Even the right lighting, a scatter of colour or a few plants can make your outdoor space have the neighbours peering over the fence in no time at all.

Here are our top tips for making the most of your outdoors, simply choose your outside space...

The Urban Gardener

It is important to think about ‘living zones’ in even the smallest garden. Think about what you enjoying doing in your outdoor space – it could be entertaining guests, playing with your kids or simply having some ‘me time’ with a good book.

1. Size is important. You’ll get off to a great start if you think about the size of your space. Maybe you need folding chairs and table to store away. Also think about how often you will use your space and what you will be doing in it. For example, if you’re renting a property you might want something you can take with you in which case we’ve got plenty of ‘easy-to-pack-away’ options.

2. Space for everyone. Stackable chairs and stools are perfect for those extra guests popping over to witness your BBQ skills in your small kitchen garden. The ROXÖ garden furniture range is low maintenance and is easily movable and stackable. A drop-leaf table gives you the flexibility you need when your friends and family visit, so there’s always a place for everyone.

3. Grow from your windowsill. Grow Herbs and spices close to your kitchen door. The SOCKER greenhouse is a perfect size to start your own little herb heaven from your windowsill, balcony, shed, anywhere!

4. Light up. Create evening atmosphere by hanging a washing line diagonally across your kitchen garden, hook on the SOLVINDEN solar powered garden lights and enjoy that festival feeling without the hassle of electrical leads.

5. Zone with decking. A great and easy way to refresh your small outside space is to lay some PLATTA decking. It is both quick and easy to lay and will quickly transform your space immediately into an even surface, and you can even cut it to size if you’ve got awkward pillars or corners to get round.

6. Store away. Protective covers can be used to cover your garden furniture, adding years to the life of your outdoor furniture. You can store your cushions and throws in a storage bench with the MUSKÖ furniture cover, and it will keep them dry and ready to use every time you need them during the summer months.

Balconies & Patios

A balcony or patio can really come to life when given a little TLC. Decorated and furnished correctly, it can add a new area to dine, entertain and relax in.


Measure it. Choose the right size garden furniture set for your balcony. A small cafe style table that fits your space will make even the smallest balcony feel comfortable.


Fold or stack. If you choose a folding or stackable table or chair you can easily store them away when not in use, this will give you more space for other activities.


Go up. The ÄPPLARÖ wall panel with storage bench fits most balconies. This will not only give you space both to store and display your gardening essentials, but also double up as seating. You don’t have to have a garden to become a seasoned urban gardener.


Create privacy. There are different ways to create shade and shelter. Choose a parasol that fits your space or why not choose the DYNING shield to protect you from both sun and wind. Simply attach with the tapes to your balcony railing that will give you both privacy (from the next door nosy balcony) and weather protection (for that all important sun bathing).


Soften with textiles. Textiles aren’t only for indoors, you can use textiles outside and bring softness and texture to your space. The SPRINGKORN outdoor rug is perfect for outdoor use as it’s water resistant so it can spend a few evenings outside and just rinse off with water when needed.


Create atmosphere with light. An outdoor solar powered light chain such as the SOLVINDEN garden solar lighting range can transform your dark balcony to an atmospheric haven in the evenings. No need for electrical leads, nature takes care of it all.


Plant up. Adding pots and plants to your balcony will add colour and can be used to hide boundaries and architectural features. When choosing your plants, you may also want to think about portability. How long will you be staying in your current home and how will you move larger plants around? An easy solution is to use the SOCKER plant pots with hooks, simply hook them onto your railing and off you go. Or failing that, you could always go for a great looking artificial plant – no one will know the difference!


Romantic candlelight. Create an intimate atmosphere by adding candles and lanterns to your balcony. Candle light gives you a romantic setting and a little warmth to your summer evenings, and your balcony could become your own little couple’s retreat.