How to weatherproof your garden.

Although we can’t rely on the British summer to bring us sunshine, that’s not to say you shouldn’t make the most of your time outdoors. We have a great range of products, tips and ideas to make the most of your garden, whatever the weather.

A garden umbrella can protect you from summer showers.

Seek shelter under a parasol or gazebo

Many of our gazebos and parasols are shower proof, so there’s no need to run inside if the weather changes its fickle mind. Ideal for protecting your children. , they also block 90% or more UV radiation, providing shelter during the sunny and not so sunny days. Many parasols are portable and the RAMSÖ parasol can be attached to many surfaces and includes a handy tilt function.

Solar garden lights can be left out in the rain.

Use water resistant solar lighting

Did you know the SOLVINDEN solar powered garden lighting range can be left out in the rain? This means you can install your lights, let them charge in the meantime, and enjoy them when the weather improves. And there are no untidy cables or plugs to worry about.

FALSTER has the beautiful appearance of wood - but is safe in all weathers.

Buy weatherproof garden furniture

Tired of sanding and re-staining your outdoor dining furniture? Instead why not choose the FALSTER garden dining range. It has the beautiful look of wood but is made from polystyrene plastic and a rust proof aluminium frame that can be left out in those summer showers – no need to re-stain or varnish.

With the right care, wood can withstand the rain no matter how wet it gets.

Give your wood a little TLC

If you own beautiful wooden garden furniture, like our ÄPPLARÖ series, its easy to maintain its finish without a little tender loving care. Simply use a glazing paint when you start to notice small signs of wear and tear - like colour changes and small cracks. So simple, and your furniture will thank you for it.

Garden furniture covers can protect all outdoor furniture and accessories.

Use protection with waterproof covers

MUSKÖ garden furniture covers will protect your furniture and barbeques from dirt and rust and adds years to their life span, so there’s no excuse that the BBQ isn’t ready. And you can safely store away your garden cushions and textiles using the ÄPPLARÖ storage bench with MUSKÖ waterproof bag liner during those summer months. Ready and dry every time you want to use them.

Easy to assemble garden decking, safe in all seasons.

Use easy-to-lay garden decking

Avoid muddy puddles in the garden and mucky footprints through the house by laying garden decking. PLATTA garden decking is easy-to-lay and a great way of upgrading your outdoor space. Leave it out all summer long come rain or shine and when the seasonal weather sends you indoors, it’s easy to disassemble and store away. It is good to protect your decking against wear and tear by re-glazing it on a regular basis with VÅRDA glazing paint.

We always recommend that where possible, to store your outdoor garden furniture in a dry and cool place indoors. When stored outside, tilt the furniture and preferably use water repellent covers. Allow air to ventilate, to avoid moisture. See our full range of garden furniture and accessories.