Too many shoes, shirts or shawls? Make the most of your wardrobe.

We all have our passions, whether you're a fashion fanatic, shoe connoisseur or a serial accessories collector. But we don't all have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe to keep them easily stored away. That's why it's important to make the most of the space we have.

Say no to tripping over shoes lying on the floor, misplacing your favourite accessories, and creasing up those tops and jeans that have no place to hang. Take a look at our ideas on how to clear the clutter and store your clothes, shoes and accessories neatly in your wardrobe. Our wardrobe storage solutions allow you to completely customise your wardrobe so that it is unique and perfectly suited to you.

Our tips are split into 3 sections:

Clothes Storage Ideas
Shoe Storage Ideas
Accessories Storage Ideas

1. Keep your trousers neat and tidy.
Don’t waste precious getting ready time folding your trousers; our KOMPLEMENT Trouser Hanger can accommodate all your trousers and jeans with ease, keeping them crease-free. The rail pulls out for easy access and you won’t need to resort to a trouser press every time you get dressed.

2. Two clothes rails for the space of one.
You can make room for dresses, trousers and tops whilst doubling up on your wardrobe space without doubling the size of your wardrobe with our KOMPLEMENT add-on clothes rail.

3. Hanging storage for all your vests, shorts and more.
Store everything from your vests and shorts to hats and jeans neatly away in our GARNITYR hanging clothes organiser. It is available with or without GARNITYR storage boxes for storing your smalls and accessories. And with pockets and straps on the outside, you can store small items such as belts, sunglasses and accessories.

4. Extend your storage potential in small spaces.
Are you short on space or have a narrow-depth wardrobe? Our KOMPLEMENT pull-out clothes rail allows you to make the most of your wardrobe. By storing your clothes forward-facing, you can maximize your storage space. And the pull-out rail makes it easy to access your clothes when it comes to making those all-important outfit choices.

5. Sort out your out-of-season clothing.
We don't want to be reminded of our summer wardrobe in the winter, or have coats and jumpers clogging up space in our summer wardrobe. Our range of SKUBB boxes makes it really easy to organise and store away your seasonal clothing out of sight when Summer or Winter hits.

6. Show off your collection with a shoe rack.
Our KOMPLEMENT shoe rack has a stop rail to hold things in place, and is slanted to better display your hard-earned collection.

7. Easy access to your shoes with a pull-out wire basket.
Our KOMPLEMENT wire basket pulls out for easy access to your shoe collection, and is able to hold up to 8 pairs of shoes (And your shoes will thank you for it!).

8. Put your shoes on show with a shoe organizer.
Keep your shoes paired up and easy to find with our pull-out KOMPLEMENT shoe organizer. It can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes, while keeping them in shape so they fit and look great for longer.

9. Protect your collection with shoe boxes.
SKUBB shoe boxes separate your shoes from the rest of your clothes helping to keep everything clean and tidy. The transparent mesh window lets you see what shoes are inside, and the hook and loop fastener makes it easy to open and close the window - perfect for the avid shoe collector.

11. Divide and conquer your accessories.
Our hand-woven KOMPLEMENT storage compartments are great for storing underwear, socks, bikinis and accessories. The perfect size to easily fit into a drawer or shelf

12. Hang up to 28 accessories with a special multi-use hanger.
The KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger takes up as much space as a regular clothes-hanger, but can hold up to 28 different accessories such as shawls, scarves, belts and ties.

13. Get an overview of your favourite accessories.
Store your accessories where you can see them with our KOMPLEMENT interior chest of drawers. The top drawer is divided into compartments helping you organize your jewellery, trinkets and accessories, while the glass top gives you an overview of everything.

14. KOMPLEMENT Pull-Out Multi-Use Hanger.
Our KOMPLEMENT pull-out multi-use hanger helps you organise accessories such as shawls, belts and ties tidily in your wardrobe. You can get an easy overview and access to your accessories using its pull-out function.

Our KOMPLEMENT interiors are specifically designed to go with PAX wardrobes. You can design your own bespoke PAX wardrobe using our PAX planner. Why not take a look at the rest of our bedroom range, including beds and mattresses, where you will find more ideas and inspiration.