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Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

At IKEA we are guided by our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. And what is good for people is also good for us in the long run. We also recognise that we have a responsibility beyond the home through the impact of our business and the role we have in society. We need to make a small, but significant, contribution.

We want to economise with resources. We do not want to be wasteful and we always strive to make more from less. This is part of core IKEA values. It goes back to our roots in the rocky landscape of Småland in Southern Sweden where people had to make the most out of the scarce resources at their disposal. This continues to influence us as we develop our range, and distribution and sales solutions.

There are many goals in the People and planet positive strategy that the Sustainability Direction provides. However, with regards to Products and Materials the following are some of the most important for IKEA:
• By FY17, 50% of projected wood volume will come from preferred sources.

• By FY15, all cotton used will be produced in line with the Better Cotton Initiative.

• By the end of FY15, all home furnishing materials, including packaging, will be either made from renewable, recyclable or recycled materials.

• By the end of FY15, 90% of our home furnishing products will be more sustainable with documented environmental improvements, covering both resource use and product functionality according to our sustainability product scorecard.

• From July 1st 2007 you will be able to return any old electrical item you have for recycling free of charge to any of the Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs) listed on Recycle More or telephone 0845 0682 572. More DCFs will be added over time so even if there is not one local to you now there soon will be.

In accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and IKEA’s own Sustainability Strategy, IKEA UK has agreed the following statement and actions.

Meeting and exceeding the demands of the WEEE Directive means; that our products should be as recyclable as possible and that none of IKEA’s WEEE should go to landfill, so meeting the demands of the WEEE Directive, and; that we safety test and sell as much of our damaged EEE as possible before recycling is considered. The latter measure (reduce/re-use) exceeds the demands of the Directive. All of our products are marked with the IKEA brand logo, easily identifying us as the producer of these items for maximum traceability.

IKEA UK, in conjunction with other retailers, is a registered member of the UK’s Distributor Take Back Scheme (DTS). As an obligated distributor of electrical items in the UK, IKEA UK has made a market-share based contribution to the expansion and upgrade of Designated Collection Facilities (DCF’s) throughout the UK. The DTS is now operating in its third phase and the money invested since 2007 by UK retailers has helped drastically improve not only the recycling facilities themselves but also has increased the volumes of WEEE being separately collected and diverted from landfill. From August 1st 2005 all electrical products that can be recycled will carry the crossed out wheelie bin symbol (right) to help you to remember to recycle end of life electrical items.
Portable Battery Take Back System

Portable Battery Take Back System

For many years UK IKEA stores have operated an in-store take back system that is consistent and fully compliant with our obligations under the UK Batteries Regulations. All UK IKEA stores provide a container for the return of Portable Batteries for our customers and the general public. No purchase is required.

A battery collection facility is located near the exit in an IKEA store or in the Customer Service department When the facility is full it is decanted, by an IKEA co-worker, into a purpose built ‘Macro Battery Container’ supplied by our recycler. The batteries are collected along with gas discharge lamps, reducing the environmental impact of these items. All Battery and WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) disposal from IKEA is managed by our contractors with strict adherence to:
• Environmental Sustainability
• Corporate and Social Responsibility
• Cost effectiveness for the Producer, Distributor and End user

To find out more about battery recycling please visit Recycle More or telephone 0845 0682 572.