Charity and Sponsorship Requests

Is it possible to make traditional business objectives and social and environmental responsibility work together for the benefit of the many? We believe they can work very well together.

IKEA makes good business while being a good business. We realise that we are only at the beginning and we have a long way to go but we are proud of the results achieved so far.

IKEA CSR activity involves three main areas: children, better living and environmental projects.

Projects we Support

Children - why?

Because children are our future. IKEA wants to give them the opportunity to learn and grow in:

- Education
- Experiences
- Safety
- Improved environments

Better Living - Why?

Because supporting projects with products and expertise fits directily with IKEA's vision and business idea of improving life for the many.

Environmental Projects - Why?

Because we care about the environment and we make every effort to preserve it.

How to Apply for Support

Do you want to apply for IKEA's support?

Please view the following requirements to be a favoured initiative:

- Have a local focus and are within a defined catchment area of the store (e.g. 1 hour drive time).
- Improve the surroundings and environment where children grow up and are educated.
- Help children and teenagers with terminal illnesses.
- Are projects that benefit children and reflect our expertise in Home Furnishing.
- Are fundraising events where the monies raised benefit children and environmental projects.
- Request donation of products to school raffles and children's charities.
- Request donation of recycled goods to schools.
- Are linked with Save the Children and UNICEF.
- Are environmental projects that improve the local environment.

Requests that are not considered favourably:

- Request contributions towards salaries and training costs.
- Request collections outside the store (unless for local children's charities, Remembrance Day and then only at weekends).
- Are Animal Welfare Organisations and charities.
- Are sporting or religious bodies (unless the proposal is community based, non-denominational and independent).

- Are political, academic or medical research bodies.
- Sponsor charities through advertising in programmes, brochures, local papers or magazines.

If you want to apply for IKEA’s support please mail your application to your nearest IKEA store for the attention of the Community Manager via post to your local store.

Applications must include contact details (full address, e-mail address, phone number), name and scope of the association applying and details about the initiative to support.

Please note all requests have to be sent in writing to your nearest store.