Small space garden

Small space gardens

"You don't need much space to create a cosy spot for everyday relaxing and dining outdoors. We have plenty of space-saving, low maintenance products that make it easy to create your own outdoor oasis, no matter how big or small your outdoor space is - even in the middle of the city."
Adrian Webster – Sales Leader for Outdoor Living UK/IE
Your outdoor space can become your new favourite room in the warmer months and whether you have a sprawling back yard, balcony oasis, or perhaps just enough room on that kitchen shelf for some greenery, let us help you make the most of it.
Tips for a small space garden party
Small space gardens
Go cubic
The ÄPPLARÖ wall panel with storage bench will fit most balconies. This will not only give you space both to store and display your gardening essentials, but also double up as storage and seating.
Zone with fabric
Create zones for your party by hanging fabric down to the floor, add cushions and throws to add texture and comfort. Mix and match wall hanging fabric with your table cloths and runners to create a striking scene for your celebrations.
Flexible, informal seating
Make room for unexpected guests with a seating solution that is fun, comfy and inviting. These bright beach chairs can easily be moved around the garden, swapped, shared and then folded for when you need them next time.
Small space garden
Share and share alike
Don't slave over a hot stove if you don't have to, prepare bite size nibbles that can be served cold so you don't have to be chained to the oven during the party. GODIS glasses are perfect for a new way to serve your sweet or savoury food.
Roll with it
Once you've created all your delicious goodies, just serve them on a trolley and let it do all the hard work for you. It's especially handy when it comes to collecting all those dirty plates afterwards.
Indoor style outside
Outdoor lighting can be much more fun than a simple tealight. Garden solar lighting can range from fairy lights to ground sticks, and pendant to table lamps. They convert sunlight into electricity saving you money and removing the need for untidy cables and plugs.
Small space gardens
Make space for the kids
Making room for the grown-ups and kids can be easy! Let the kids claim a space of their own using outdoor furniture and accessories. Give them pens, paper and some fun things to do means you can keep an eye on them and you can have five minutes peace.
Bright and bold
Keep things simple with some fun and colourful plastic dinnerware. Dishwasher-safe and child friendly, they easily stack up and you won't have to worry about those sticky fingers.
Weather proof your party
Like any good party planner, you should expect it to rain so have a shower-proof solution to hand so guests can continue to enjoy the festivities. The RAMSÖ parasol has good UV protection making it ideal for use around children.
Small space garden
Don't fancy the heavy lifting? Pop your favourite plant on wheels and whiz it around when you need to. Your back will thank you for it.
You don't have to have a garden to enjoy some greenery, this IKEA PS side table with 4 bowls perfectly houses some indoor plants. If you're feeling particularly green fingered, you could try growing your own delicious herbs.
Flowerbox with holder
IKEA PS 2012
Side table with 4 bowls
Growing set
Plant mover
Watering can
Soil block
Get back to nature
Whether it's a windowsill, kitchen herb rack or hanging planter, we've got some small space living tips to rejuvenate the urban gardener within.
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