Small Space Bathroom

Small space bathroom

“We Brits have some of the smallest bathrooms in Europe with most being no bigger than a king-size bed. We spend a vital part of our day in this room which is why we have a bathroom range that gives you space for everything you need and smart ways to keep it organised. So you can spend less time searching for the toothpaste and more time taking good care of yourself.”

Pritesh Patel, Bathroom sales leader UK & IE
Your bathroom has to work hard to keep up with you morning, noon and night. From the get-up-and-go A.M. routine, to the relaxing 'me time', and even the laundry room in between, we've got the tips and know-how to transform your bathroom into a haven of calm.
Small space bathroom tips
Small space bathroom
In a small bathroom, go vertical
An adjustable drying rack in the shower or above the tub keeps laundry contained in one space, and when you’re done just raise it up out of the way–no need for an extra storage spot. And a simple curtain hides it all away when you want to have a relaxing soak in the tub.
Get smart with your storage
Use the height of your bathroom to maximise on storage potential. Keep your products and bath linens in tubs and hide them cleverly behind fabric curtains. The LILLÅNGEN high cabinet is ideal for rooms slim on space and it's semi-transparent so you can grab your things and go.
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Small space bathroom
Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your ‘me-time’. With the smart LILLÅNGEN bathroom range designed to fit any small space, you can complete your own ’small but perfectly formed oasis’. Just don’t forget to add candles and the ’not to disturb sign’.
Did you know you can even use that awkward space around your toilet seat. Check out the MOLGER open storage shelf, perfect fit around any toilet!
Hang your favourite jewellery and nick-nacks on these LILLÅNGEN hangers, they can be used for doors or over the side of your sink space.
Mirror cabinet
High cabinet
Wall lamp double
Open storage
3-piece bathroom set
Door-mounted storage
End unit
Five bathroom storage ideas
Small space bathrooms
Display your bathroom accessories on the open shelf and hide away the messy bits with the LILLÅNGEN range of bathroom cabinets. Adding wall cabinets with mirror doors gives you both smart storage and makes the room feel bigger
Store all your cosmetics and toiletries in the MOLGER trolley, it's easy to move and can be tucked into those awkward spaces
You'll never struggle to find your lipstick again with the transparent GODMORGON storage range that slots easily into your cabinet drawers
The HJÄLMAREN wall shelf is a stylish addition to any small space bathroom and is available as a wall shelf or towel holder
Think multi-functional when you're planning your bathroom. If you can double up a towel rail and shelf, that's less DIY for you