Every Moment Counts!

Another ordinary day.

Dad was nodding off on the counch after a day of work;
Mom was busy preparing dinner;
The younger brother was fighting monsters,
While the elder sister never knew what to wear.

Here, there’s space for laughter;
There’s space for sadness;
There’s space for leaving alone;
There’s space for being together.

These are ordinary moments.
But the wonderful times.
Every moment counts. IKEA

The 2013 IKEA Catalogue

The 2013 IKEA Catalogue is Here!

In this 324-page 2013 IKEA Catalogue, you’ll find lots of ideas on how to furnish your home based on everyday activities. Things we all do, like cooking, relaxing, sleeping – simply life at home. Because good home furnishing is more than just furniture. It’s also how furniture is arranged to solve a specific need, create a certain style and make everyday life more practical and beautiful. So, make yourself comfortable and browse through the many ideas for a better life at home that we have collected here.

>> Read 2013 IKEA Catalogue online (in Chinese only)

Download the IKEA Catalog App on your smartphone or tablet via your mobile app store.

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2013 IKEA Catalogue App

Welcome to the world of ideas

We want to give you more than before. That’s why the ideas in this catalog aren’t limited to the 324 pages you’re holding in your hands. We have added more content throughout the catalog that you can access through your smartphone all year long. This includes inspiring films and interactive features for a better life at home.

How to unlock more ideas:

1. Download the IKEA Catalog App on your smartphone or tablet via your mobile app store. The app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

2. Look for the phone symbol throughout the catalog (located in the top right corner of selected spreads) to find out what pages have more ideas to discover.

3. Open the IKEA Catalog App, select the scan button and hold your phone 8-12" from the page. Enjoy films, how-to guides and interesting interactive content that appear on your screen.