IKEA FAMILY is more than just an orange card. It’s a club for people who share the IKEA mission of making a better everyday life for the many people. It’s a Home Lover’s Club. It’s an IKEA fan club. It’s money in your wallet. It’s a pass to special events. But most importantly, it’s our way to say ‘thank you’.

If you like IKEA, you’ll love IKEA FAMILY—because you get much more IKEA when you join. IKEA FAMILY is a club that rewards its members. Join IKEA FAMILY and you will receive special discounts on regular IKEA products, and access to the unique and exclusive IKEA FAMILY product range. We know that you are as serious and passionate about your home as we are. It’s the reason we hold special events in our stores where experts from IKEA run workshops and seminars to share their knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in home furnishing and interior design with IKEA FAMILY members.

IKEA FAMILY is open to everyone, and it’s free to join. So start taking advantage of all the great member benefits - join IKEA FAMILY online or go to your local store to sign up for membership. Once you receive your membership card make sure to swipe it every time you go to IKEA to get all the latest offers and information.

Member benefits

As an IKEA FAMILY member you have access to a wide range of member benefits. Some save you money, others save you trouble – or maybe you’ll find the weekend get-away of your dreams you didn’t even know you were dreaming of.

IKEA FAMILY products

In every IKEA store you’ll find the IKEA FAMILY shop, a place inside the store where you can find everything to do with IKEA FAMIILY.
Where ever you are in the world, whether you're single, married, living with or without children, you're always a part of our family. 5 million IKEA FAMILY members in China and growing.