Guide to the IKEA Store

We have prepared the IKEA store for you to shop on your own.

Together we keep IKEA prices low.

You choose, compare and test all the things in the Showroom.
Look at the price tag. It tells you everything about the product.
A) You see where you pick up products in the Self-serve furniture area or in the Market hall.
B) ... or you contact staff and tell them which products you want to buy.
Look at the price tag. It tells you where you need to go.

You write down your choice of products and where you can pick them up in the store.
Use the notepads and pencils you find in the store.

You pick things up yourself. Most IKEA products are flat-packed. So they’re easy for you to take away.
Check the label on the box to make sure the contents are right.

You take your products home yourself... or order home delivery at a low rate.

You assemble your products yourself and can enjoy them at once.
Follow the assembly instructions carefully.

It’s OK to change your mind. Within 60 days (IKEA FAMILY member within 180 days), you can bring the products in good condition, together with the original package and original receipt/invoice (bank card POS receipt is needed if you have paid in this way) to store, we will refund you the same way as you have paid.

Sorry, we cannot accept exchange or return of food, plants, AS-IS products, customized products, household electric equipments and all products that have already been cut, sewed or painted.

* The exchange and return policy above applies only to the products purchased from IKEA stores in mainland China.