Image Request Guide

Thank you for your interest in THE IKEA BRAND! We happily welcome applications to download IKEA image for media use ONLY. For all downloads, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. will retain copyright of downloaded images, which shall not be subject to any form of abuse or misuse. Please be careful when using IKEA images and be sure to comply with our terms of use below:

1. When IKEA image are used in medias, they must be specified as being copyrighted by Inter IKEA Systems B.V..

2.No commercial use is allowed.

3. If IKEA image are used, please note the related product name both in Chinese and English with the price in the picture. Also, please note the differences in Swedish and English, including the letters Ö, Ä and Å.

4. Please do not alter or edit IKEA image.

5. Please do not tamper with the content of IKEA videos.

We have a huge database of images. To make them easier to find, please download and fill out the "Picture Application Form" and submit it five working days in advance to the designated local PR department.

If you would like to take photos in our stores, this may be done between 8:30am and 10:00am. Please submit your image request five working days in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation!