Putting people first

We're supporting refugees.
We’re for creating a better everyday life for the many people, and especially the people who need it most. Recognizing Canada’s commitment to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees, IKEA Canada has offered our support for refugee families settling in Canada. This year, we donated over $180,000 of IKEA home furnishing products. Stay tuned for details about the impact of these donations!
Helping refugees settle in Canada
Nature Nourishes
Nature nourishes our children
IKEA Canada is committed to supporting childhood development wherever you find us across the country. We believe that kids should be healthy and informed, understand the natural world and their role within it, how things grow, and where their food comes from. We’ll encourage them to leave their screens behind once in a while, get outside and explore, and experience how nature nourishes.

Growing together
Did you know that September 20-26 was National Forest Week, and September 23 was National Tree Day? During this week, we invited school children to join IKEA and Tree Canada at outdoor events across Canada to experience first-hand the ways that nature provides. A scavenger hunt through the woods to learn about ecosystems, getting dirt under our nails as we planted young trees and shrubs, and tasting our way through the food chain over lunch. When we value our natural world, we value our future and our children – there’s no better way celebrate National Tree Day!
Improving opportunities for children
No matter what the circumstances, every child deserves a place to call home, a healthy start in life, a quality education and a sustainable family income. The IKEA Foundation has a long history of supporting programmes run by well-regarded organizations – like UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation – to help children and youth living in the world’s poorest communities so they can create a better future for themselves and their families. The IKEA Foundation donates tens of millions of dollars to charity each year through funds set aside from IKEA profits. Currently funded programmes are expected to benefit 100 million children by the end of 2015.
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Deux enfants dans un camp de réfugiés
Programme iTémoins
Le programme des citoyens du monde iTémoins d'IKEA permet à deux collaborateurs canadiens de vivre une expérience unique et de constater par eux-mêmes l'effet positif des programmes
de l'UNICEF et de l'organisme Aide aux enfants subventionnés par la Fondation IKEA grâce à la campagne annuelle Des peluches pour éduquer. Nous sommes très fiers des ambassadrices iTémoins Canada de l'année 2013, Natasa Njegovan d'IKEA Burlington et Viola May Mah d'IKEA Edmonton. Elles ont pu découvrir les programmes éducatifs que nous finançons
au Malawi.
Lire le blogue de NatasaLire le blogue de Viola
3 ways the IKEA foundation helps children
A young girl in school
Empowering women and girls
By empowering women – through education, skills training, improved healthcare or through providing a loan to set up a small business – we can improve children’s health, education and future opportunities. IKEA Foundation is funding programmes to empower and educate women, giving them a better chance to provide for themselves and their families.

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Young children that are not in school are the most vulnerable
Preventing child labour
IKEA has worked with Save the Children and UNICEF for over a decade. We have donated €60 million since 2000 to fight the root causes of child labour in India and Pakistan. Together we will reach 16 million children by 2017.

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A young boy at a refugee camp
A better life for refugee children
Every year, millions of children lose almost everything during natural disasters and social conflicts. IKEA Foundation is supporting the UN Refugee Agency with €73 million to provide shelter, care and education to refugee families in Ethiopia, Sudan and Bangladesh.

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Customers and co-workers helping together
Each year IKEA co-workers and customers join together in two campaigns to help create a better everyday life for the less fortunate. The campaigns raise money for the charities UNICEF, Save the Children and UNHCR, the (UN Refugee Agency). The money goes to good causes like improving children’s education and providing lighting in refugee camps. The campaigns also create awareness of the problems and the good work being done to solve them.
A group of boys playing football on a dusty patch of land as the sun sets.
Together we make a difference to people’s lives.
A young girl with pig tails and red ribbons in her hair doing school work.
Soft Toys for Education – helping 11 million children since 2003
When customers buy a soft toy or children’s book during the campaign period (in November and December), the IKEA Foundation donates €1 to Save the Children and UNICEF. This campaign has raised €67 million since 2003 and has helped more than 11 million children in 46 countries get a better education. Find out more at the IKEA Foundation
A woman hanging up a lamp inside her home with her baby strapped to her back.
Brighter lives for Refugees – for people who have lost everything
This campaign raised €7.7 million in February and March 2014, its first year. When customers buy an LED light bulb, the IKEA Foundation donates €1 to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The money funds things like solar-powered lighting that makes refugee camps safer and lets children study after sunset. Find out more at the IKEA Foundation

Pick a tree, plant a tree
Tree Canada

For 20 years, IKEA Canada has supported Tree Canada by donating a portion of the proceeds from Christmas Tree sales towards planting trees in urban communities surrounding our stores. So far, co-workers have planted over 25,000 trees. That's equivalent to taking about 4,000 cars off the road for the entire year!

Tree Canada

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Entretenir de bonnes relations
Nous voulons que tous aient une bonne opinion des articles que nous vendons. C'est pourquoi nous nous investissons autant dans nos relations avec nos fournisseurs ainsi que dans leurs relations avec leurs sous-traitants et leurs employés. Il y a environ 600 000 personnes qui travaillent pour des fournisseurs d'IKEA partout dans le monde, et nous tenons à nous assurer qu'elles sont toutes traitées équitablement.
C'est pourquoi, en 2000, nous avons lancé IWAY, notre code de conduite fournisseurs. C'est la responsabilité de nos fournisseurs de faire connaître IWAY à leurs sous-traitants
et nous les encourageons à le faire. Tous les fournisseurs
en ameublement doivent se conformer aux exigences d'IWAY. Dans le cas contraire, nous faisons appel à d'autres fournisseurs.
An IWAY inspector at an IKEA supplier factory
We visit our suppliers regularly to check that they are following IWAY, and conduct around 1,000 audits each year.
Qu'est-ce que la Norme IWAY ?
Notre code de conduite fournisseurs, la Norme IWAY, joue un rôle important dans les changements positifs. Il précise nos exigences minimales en matière d'environnement, d'incidence sociale et de conditions de travail.
Nous rendons régulièrement visite à nos fournisseurs pour nous assurer qu'ils respectent la Norme IWAY. Environ 80 experts IKEA ainsi que des contrôleurs indépendants font des vérifications, surprises ou annoncées, chez nos fournisseurs et leurs sous-traitants.
Les normes IWAY sont affichées à la vue de tous dans l'usine d'un fournisseur
The IWAY Standard requirements include:
- No child labour.
- No forced or bonded labour.
- No discrimination.
- Freedom of association.
- At least minimum wages and overtime compensation.
- A safe and healthy work environment, preventing pollution to air, ground and water and work to reduce energy consumption.

Download the IWAY Standard PDF
Établir des partenariats avec des entrepreneurs sociaux
Le mandat des entrepreneurs sociaux consiste à améliorer le quotidien des gens de leur collectivité. Ils se servent de leur entreprise comme moyen de relever des défis sociaux et environnementaux comme le reboisement, la réduction de la pauvreté et l’émancipation des femmes. Voilà pourquoi nous sommes fiers de créer des partenariats à long terme avec des entrepreneurs sociaux partout dans le monde.
En travaillant en étroite collaboration avec nos partenaires,
nous apprenons les uns des autres et nous partageons notre expérience des affaires et nos idées sur le design. Cette collaboration nous permet par exemple d’adapter la production selon les saisons agricoles, de sorte que les artisans ruraux qui fabriquent nos articles puissent concilier travail et responsabilités familiales et communautaires.
Nos partenariats avec des entrepreneurs sociaux nous inspirent et nous donnent accès à des artisans qualifiés utilisant des techniques traditionnelles. Les articles que nous créons ensemble sont tous faits main, en tirage limité, et sont vendus dans certains magasins IKEA. Tous les profits sont réinvestis dans ce projet.
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Artisans des entreprises sociales Rangsutra, Doi Tung Development Project et Industree PT
On enseigne comment cultiver un coton durable dans la collectivité
Working with WWF to improve cotton farmers’ lives
IKEA and WWF have worked successfully together on cotton farming issues for over a decade. As a result, an estimated 110,000 farmers in India, Pakistan, China and Turkey have started growing cotton in a more sustainable way. By using less chemical fertilizers and more natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, small-hold farmers can cut their costs while crops remain as good as before. The money they save might be used to invest in water-saving drip irrigation or perhaps in education for their children.

Learn more about our partnership on cotton (PDF)
Everyone deserves a better everyday life
Our vision “to create a better everyday life for the many people” includes our co-workers, customers, suppliers and the communities where they live. Respect for human rights, based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, is part of everything we do and is included in our supplier code of conduct, called the IWAY Standard. Download the IWAY Standard PDF
At IKEA, we believe in people
We do our best to stand for equal opportunities and support human rights. Every co-worker can expect fair treatment and equal opportunities whatever their ethnicity, religion, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation or age. Find out more in Working at the IKEA Group
It’s not just what goes into our products that’s important – it’s the people behind the scenes, too.
Respect for human rights is part of everything IKEA does and is included in the IKEA supplier code of conduct
Supporting the ethical recruitment of migrant workers
There are over 200 million international migrants across the world, with over 100 million of them working. Some leave home and succeed in finding better work and improving their quality of life. But for others, the promise of a better future can result in large debts from recruitment fees and – in the worst cases – bonded labour. At IKEA we set clear standards for the recruitment and employment of workers through IWAY, our code of conduct. Under no circumstances do we tolerate forced labour or human trafficking. We also expect our suppliers to treat migrant workers fairly and to offer transparent employment terms and good working and living conditions.
Supporting the ethical recruitment of migrant workers
Working together to drive change
In some countries recruitment practices are complex and involve many different organizations, so it’s important also to work with others. IKEA has joined forces with four other companies – HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, The Coca-Cola Company and Unilever – to drive positive change in the way that migrant workers are recruited. The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment will advocate for the ‘Employer Pays Principle’, which calls for all recruitment fees to be paid by the employer, not the worker.
To support our suppliers in dealing with the challenges of responsible recruitment, we are also partnering directly with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In South East Asia we have already worked together to successfully map the recruitment process from suppliers back to the workers’ home countries. We will use the findings to further support the ethical recruitment of migrant workers and to work towards creating lasting change.
Learn more about the International Organization for Migration
Jeune Indienne à l'école
Nous croyons à l'importance de protéger les enfants
Nous faisons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour agir dans le meilleur intérêt des enfants, qu'il soit question du design de nos articles ou des gestes que nous posons pour éliminer le travail des enfants.
Notre engagement envers les enfants
est indéfectible

Qu'il soit question de nos articles ou de nos magasins, nous essayons de voir les choses avec
les yeux d'un enfant. Nous voulons que nos articles favorisent leur développement et que nos magasins soient pour eux des aires de jeux au même titre que leur maison. Nous travaillons de concert avec des spécialistes du développement des enfants afin de mieux connaître et comprendre leurs besoins aux différents stades de leur développement.
Interdiction ferme de la main d'œuvre enfantine
Nous pensons que les enfants ont le droit d'être protégés de l'exploitation, des abus et de la négligence. C'est pourquoi le travail des enfants est inacceptable aux yeux d'IKEA, et nous luttons activement pour l'empêcher et l'éradiquer. Notre code de conduite concernant le travail des enfants, créé en 2000, a été rédigé en étroite collaboration avec Aide à l'enfance et avec les conseils de l'Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT) et de l'UNICEF.
Creating long-term solutions
Preventing and eliminating child labour is a big challenge, which can only be tackled by addressing the root causes with a holistic approach. That’s why the IKEA Foundation supports UNICEF and Save the Children child rights programs in 25,000 villages in a number of states in India and Pakistan; reaching a total of 15 million children by the end of 2017.

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Small actions add up
See how water-saving faucets and energy-saving induction cooktops can help you save money at home.

Sustainable Life at Home
IKEA water saving faucets reduce water usage by up to 50%
Installing solar panels on an IKEA store
Creating positive change
Learn how we’re sourcing materials in a responsible way and becoming energy independent.

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