New products
with a story to tell


Life on a quilt cover

Lie on your stomach, on top of EIVOR LEVA quilt cover, and set sail on a voyage of discovery to everyday life. Here you can see illustrations of life. Everyday activities like waiting for the bus, sitting at a café, the office or factory where we work and the shopping trolley in the supermarket.
But you can also see leisure time activities here; dancing, the guy listening to music in headphones, berries being picked in the forest. All the things that life brings our way in the daytime, and that enrich our dreams at night. Now with the help of a quilt cover.

Pull out the legs.
And get more room for your own legs

Unlike most ordinary tables that extend, TRANETORP has no seam in the table top. Instead of pulling out the table top, you pull out the legs. Which actually gives more room for your own legs and your guests’. When you’ve put the extra leaf in place we also hope you notice how the tones and shades in the oak veneer and the wood grain in the table top match. A little love for details that we hope you will feel every time you use TRANETORP.

Chop, rinse and wash up on 60 cm

BOHOLMEN zink organizers is a series of sinks with organizers that make it possible for you to prepare food, cook, wash up and dry dishes at your sink, regardless of whether it’s 80 cm or 60 cm wide. With 8 different organizers like washing-up bowls, chopping boards and a dish drainer, you can turn your sink into a very good work surface. Combine any way you like – all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. The idea is that they take as little room as possible. And fit in your sink.

Just as easy to clean as to use

You may love the taste of garlic as a seasoning, but hate how hard the garlic press is to clean. This is something we wanted to change! That’s why IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL can be opened from the side as well. When you’re done pressing, the garlic press opens on the side and you can easily clean and rinse the small holes under the tap. A small revolution in everyday life, if you ask us. And definitely something that adds a plus to it. 365 days a year.

The many faces of collaboration

GULLIVI is a fabric that was created in collaboration with students from Beckmans College of Design. The students made quick sketches in a 2-day workshop, and the sketches were later combined in different patterns. GULLIVI pattern reflects all the students who participated in the workshop and all the emotions that emerged during those 2 days. A pattern containing the many faces of the collaboration on a fabric that has a price to suit the many people.

A cup-mug?

In the morning. For lunch. After dinner. To afternoon coffee. With so much coffee drinking during a day it’s easy to choose the practical route and use a mug instead of a cup and saucer. We made UNGDOM for people who like the smaller size of a cup, but want the comfortable handling of a mug. Four large cups with two different patterns, which you buy in a pack, and can use for many guests at a party, for breakfast, a coffee break… or whenever you just feel like a cup of coffee.

Showering is more fun with fish friends

Not all children like to shower. So how can we make it more fun? (And by extension, more fun for the parents too.) Fish! We put fish on the shower curtain so children could give them names and tell stories about them. Then we matched the colour of the fish on the towels and shower curtain with adult towels, so the bathroom looks nice for everyone. With really low prices, everyone can treat themselves to a few years with fish in the shower. And then change when their little one suddenly turns 17.

Like jewels in your home

Both the sideboard and the cabinet have a format that makes them fit just about anywhere. In the hall, the bedroom, the living room… You don’t have to live in a big country mansion to have ISALA in your home. It works just as well in a modern, one-room flat in the city. Jewels are needed everywhere. In the cabinet you can keep dinnerware, or towels, or books or… well, whatever you like. On the sideboard you can have a lamp, a vase or let it be that multi-purpose table that serves as a place to put your mail and keys when you come home. If you like ISALA, you will find the right spot for it. That’s the way it usually is with things we like. At least we’ve found a place in our hearts for ISALA. Hope you do too.