Renew your kitchen

There are lots of ways to update your kitchen without making a big investment. With a few simple changes you can have a whole new style, and a more functional, efficient kitchen.

A fresh new look

A new door style here, a slimmer handle there, and – voila! – the kitchen you built five years ago is the one you’re dreaming of today.
Replace the cabinet doors

A total transformation without any renovation. All our door styles fit on your existing AKURUM cabinet frames. Change all door and drawer fronts or only a few. Go from high-gloss to wood veneer, mix colours or combine solid doors with glass.
Switch the handles

A little thing like a knob can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. It’s one of the easiest things to change. The distance between the holes is the same for most IKEA handles, so they can be replaced without having to drill new holes.
Add wall panels

Replace old ceramic tiles with a new wall finish. Our wall panels are easy to wipe clean and stand up to water, heat, and steam. They’re perfect for around the sink and cooktop, but they can also be used to add personality to other areas of your kitchen.

Smarter on the inside

A brand new kitchen may look the same as the one you have, but act totally different. Improving the inside functionality is the difference between finding the garlic press while the oil is hot or interrupting your cooking to tear through your drawers.
Change to pull-out pantries

You don’t have to empty your cabinet to get the bowl in the back. Replace your old AKURUM cabinet shelves with pull-out pantries or drawers. They provide a better overview and make reaching way into the back a thing of the past.
Organize the drawers

Always pulling out the corkscrew when you’re reaching for the whisk? Drawer organizers keep everything from plates to chopsticks orderly and easy-to-find.
Use clear containers

Organize your drawers and cabinets with transparent containers. They maximize space and provide a quick overview. Fit containers together, sideways, or stacked. Watch how unruly packages of rice, flour, and beans line up and behave.

A more functional space

Crowded countertops, messy cookbooks, and piles of stuff make a dream kitchen a nightmare to work in. Extra workspace and storage solutions put everything in order again and give you more space to cook.
De-clutter the worktop

Get more countertop-space by hanging utensils, herbs, and more on the wall. A wall-hanging system gives you more room to chop and puts the things you use most in easy reach.
Extend your workspace

Where should you put the mushrooms while you chop the onions? A fitted tray or chopping board over the sink gives you an extra drop-off zone and more workspace.
Add open shelving

It’s easy to get stuck thinking about cabinet space. Adding open shelving is a way to maximize empty walls and corners, while giving the kitchen an airy feeling. Shelves and brackets can be placed almost anywhere, and the length can be varied to accommodate your space and storage needs.

A more sustainable kitchen

40% of most households’ energy consumption takes place in the kitchen. It’s also where we boil water, wash veggies, and scrub dishes. Lowering the use of water and energy is a sure way to make your kitchen more sustainable. As is waste sorting, of course. Organizing and recycling household waste has an impact on the environment, reducing the use of raw materials, as well as making it easier to recycle glass, paper, cardboard, metal, and more.
Save energy

Switching to energy efficient appliances is better for the planet and your pocket. Look for our fridges and dishwashers, which are ENERGY STAR® certified. But if you stick with your existing appliances, it’s still possible to use them more efficiently. Only run your dishwasher when it’s completely full and save the heavy duty setting for really tough jobs. If you have an electric cooktop, match your pot with the burner size. Using a small pot on a big burner mean a lot of heat goes straight up into the air.
Save water

Changing your current kitchen faucet for a faucet with a water-saving function reduces your water consumption in the kitchen without changing the water pressure.
Reduce waste (and save dinner!)

Throwing everything in the same bin is old news. Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to power a television set for three hours. Our waste-sorting bins make it easy to sort your trash. They can be placed under the sink, on the wall or on the floor, and they’re easy to keep clean. Just check with your city to see what can be recycled.

Cutting down on waste in the kitchen isn’t just about recycling your pasta box. It’s also about the food you cook. Starting a compost means your food scraps don’t go to waste – they pass on nutrients to your garden. And instead of throwing out the rest of dinner, why not pack it in one of our food savers and enjoy a homemade lunch at work? It’s better for the environment and tastes a lot better too.

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