”We've come a long way, but we're still just warming up.”

Steve Howard
Chief Sustainability Officer,
IKEA Group

What is sustainability about?

To us it’s about taking care of people and the planet – from tackling the problem of children living in poverty to creating and promoting renewable energy. Our co-workers, suppliers, and partners have been continuously working on these issues and more for a while. You can see evidence of this work through our innovative IKEA products and solutions, along with the way we do business. If we all take small actions, we can all contribute to big results.

Sustainable life
at home
woman and children in IKEA kitchen
Discover products that help you live a more sustainable life, whether it’s through saving energy or
sorting waste.
Sustainable life at home
Energy and resources
black chair in a forest
Check out how we are working behind the scenes to protect some of the world’s most important resources.
Energy & resources
People and communities
a group of female textile workers
See what we do to try to help create a better life for people and communities.
People & communities
Find out
front page of the IKEA sustainability report 2012
Want to dig deeper? Want to see who we work with? Here’s where you’ll find even more.
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