ENERGISK Fridge/Freezer $1499 NUTID OVER $1499 FRAMTID Microwave Oven $399 KLARUFT rangehood $499 ELDIG Gas Hob $399 BESPARA Integrated Dishwasher PERSONLIG Custom-made stone in ice snow ... easy-access storage ... corner cabinets that bring cookware to you ... cabinets at just the right height ... silent, self closing drawers ... cookware for chefs big & small
Your kitchen needs to work the way you want it to - whether you're packing lunch for the kids, or dreaming up a gourmet feast for friends. IKEA kitchens have all sorts of options to choose from, so you can tailor yours to suit your lifestyle. Plus, our kitchens come with loads of thoughtful extras that make them nicer to use, from integrated gas safety valves on gas hobs, to a standard 5-year guarantee across all appliances. After all, the little things really do make a big difference.
... snap freezing fridges

With a filtered water and ice dispenser in the door, and a handy fast-freeze function, this fridge can cater to even the hungriest households. With a 5-year guarantee, you can feel confident it’ll go the distance. And with zero-maintenance LED lighting illuminating both fridge and freezer, you’ll save on energy usage and money.

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... self-cleaning ovens

Even rookies will find cooking a breeze with this fan-forced convection oven, which spreads air evenly for beautifully consistent cooking. Equipped with top heat, bottom heat and grill functions, it also has a pastry function for pie-lovers plus a nifty quick-defrost option for those times you’ve forgotten to thaw something out (oops). The quadruple glass door and child-safety lock improve safety, and the oven comes complete with 2 baking trays, grill pan set, wire shelf and meat thermometer (not to mention a 5-year guarantee). Oh and the best part? A self-cleaning function that burns away grease and residue in minutes. Now that’s what we call clever.

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... microwaves that work in a flash
Microwave Oven

When you need food fast, this is just the thing. Perfect for everyday cooking, defrosting and healthy steaming, it spreads heat more evenly than ordinary microwaves thanks to its advanced 3D system. There’s even a jet-start function ideal for heating up that forgotten cup of coffee, and it can easily be installed in a cabinet to save on bench space. Oh, and let’s not forget that 5-year guarantee.

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... fresh air filtration
KLARLUFT rangehood

Guaranteed for 5 years, IKEA rangehoods extract odours, grease and steam from the air - leaving your kitchen environment cleaner. Designed to fit perfectly with FAKTUM wall cabinets, they can either be ducted to the outside or installed to recirculate air within the room. Both the charcoal and grease filters are easy to remove. Plus, bright halogen light makes it so much easier to tell your peas from your potatoes while cooking.

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... gas cookers that switch off by themselves
Gas Hob

Not only does this hob make cooking a pleasure, it also comes with features to make it safer (especially for those keeping an eye on little wandering hands). Integrated safety valves means the gas flow shuts off automatically if the flame goes out, and child-safety locks come built in. There are also removable supports to keep pots and pans stable, and a user-friendly electric ignition. And like all IKEA kitchen appliances, it’s guaranteed for 5 years. Now we’re cookin’ with gas.

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... dishwashers that actually accommodate your dishes
Integrated Dishwasher

With five programs (including an eco function), this dishwasher lets you pick the one to suit your needs. An adjustable upper basket, removable cutlery compartments and folding racks mean the spaces are fully flexible - just tailor it to your crockery and you’re good to go. Guaranteed for 5 years, it can even be fitted with a door to match the rest of your cabinetry, making it 100% integrated with the rest of your kitchen.

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... benchtops made of tough stuff
Custom-made stone
in ice snow

Kitchen benches take a beating - but with a surface like this, you can work without a worry. Non-porous and with high-impact strength, this stone is tough enough to withstand scratches, mould, mildew and heat (and it doesn’t even need resealing). And in case you need extra peace of mind, it comes with a 10-year warranty. Available in 20mm or 40mm, with a bevelled front edge.

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... easy-access storage

Say goodbye to chaotic pantries. Our noiseless self-closing high cabinets come with extendable, adjustable drawers, which allow you to see the contents at a glance. Plus, the drawers all come with shock absorbers and can be customised to suit the contents. No more rattling, no more rummaging.

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... corner cabinets that bring cookware to you

Yes corners can be tricky. But with their built-in platforms, our corner cabinets mean you’ll never have to strain your shoulders trying to reach those pesky pots and pans. Simply spin, grab and go.

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... cabinets at just the right height

People come in different heights - and fortunately our wall cupboards have been designed with this in mind. With their adjustable shelves, they can be adapted to whatever height works for you. And with all sorts of dividers to choose from, you can use every last inch of the space available.

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... silent, self closing drawers

At IKEA we don’t like the sound of slamming - so we’ve created drawers that close themselves in blissful silence. You can even fit them out with your choice of dividers and compartments, including rubbish bins that make recycling a breeze.

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... cookware for chefs big & small

Designed for easy everyday cooking, our pots and pans are durable, practical and user-friendly. Made from quality stainless steel and aluminum, they give off an even, energy-efficient heat that reduces the risk of food burning or sticking. Frying pans come with Teflon ® - Platinum Plus non-stick coating that’s guaranteed for 5 years, and our pots are guaranteed for 15 years. Both pots and pans also work well on all types of hobs, including induction hobs. Oh, and our pots are dishwasher and oven safe too.

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