We have prepared your IKEA store for you to shop on your own
1. You choose
Our display furniture is not just for display. We encourage you to touch, sit on, lie down, push and pull and test our furniture.

You'll find lots of details on the price tag - colours, materials, sizes, aisle and location where you can pick up the item, or to contact staff for more information.
2. Write down your choice
Besides copies of the latest catalogue, the store provides tape measures, pencils and notepads for you to write down product details. Grab a big yellow bag for those smaller items you like.
3. Pick up your products
Check the notes you made of the location details to find your items in the Self-Serve furniture area. There are plenty of trolleys and bags to help you get it all to the checkouts. If you need assistance, our friendly coworkers are more than happy to help!
4. Take your products home
Since most IKEA furniture is flat-packed, you can take them home today in your car so you can enjoy them right away. If you'd prefer, we also have a range of services to help you get your shopping home.
5. Assemble & enjoy!
Assemble your products and enjoy them straight away! Remember to follow the instructions carefully. Keep your allen key to tighten your products every now & again.

If you would like some help, contact our recommended assembly service provider.

For more information on assembly & installation services, click here
6. It's OK to change your mind
Not 100% satisfied? Just return the item with the receipt and packaging within 365 days and we'll give you a refund.

For more information on our returns policy, click here