2016 IKEA catalogue on a kitchen bench
Simple things can help the everyday to feel extraordinary. We begin this year in and around the kitchen, where there are so many of these warm moments to enjoy. From here, to every other room in your home, you can see how to make time and space for all the little things that really matter.
so here’s to the little things
The 2016 IKEA Catalogue is here!
The IKEA Catalogue 2016
Explore the new 2016 IKEA Catalogue
The new IKEA Catalogue is filled with exciting stories behind our products and new ideas that will make you love your mornings and evenings just a little bit more.

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IKEA 2016 catalogue how to
Make it all come alive in your home
The IKEA Catalogue app makes all the new inspiration and products move out of the catalogue and into your home, literally. With the augmented reality feature you can see how hundreds of furnishings in the IKEA Catalogue fit in your home. So, just download the app to your device, use it to scan the catalogue pages and let the home furnishing magic begin.
IKEA 2016 catalogue augmented reality
Place in your room
360° views
Image galleries
Download the
IKEA Catalogue app
The app works on both smartphones and tablets. Download it via App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and via Google Play for Android.
Look for pages
with this symbol
You’ll see the plus sign in the top corner of those pages that you can scan for extra content.
Scan to see more!
Open the IKEA catalogue app. Choose the scan button. Hold your device 20-30cm from the page and click the icon that appears. If you’re reading the digital catalogue, just click on the plus sign symbol to activate.
IKEA Catalogue iOS AppIKEA catalogue Android App
2016 Catalogue in-store soon
Pick up a copy of the 2016 IKEA Catalogue from your local store or order a copy to be mailed to you from September 1.
IKEA 2016 Catalogue in-storeline
2016 IKEA Catalogue Corrections
The TRYSIL queen bed frame shown on p.268 is priced at $229, not $199 as printed.